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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • If there were an electoral college tie (and it is possible), the House selects the President and the Senate selects the Vice-President. Romney/Biden 2012?
  • According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, LSU and TCU will meet in the 2013 Cowboys Stadium Classic at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  It will be like a home game for LSU with the number of people they will bring. 
  • Students at Texas were griping about the text messaging system not working perfectly last Friday when the "clear the campus" message went out. Sheesh. I knew about the alert in Decatur moments after it happened. 
  • And with that many buildings on campus, how in the world can they ever determine that a bomb was not in one of them?
  • And that UT president is one strange looking guy especially when he holds a press conference in a Nike turtleneck shirt and a jacket. 
  • The NFL Red Zone channel may be the greatest sports channel ever.
  • First SMU date rape case in years to be prosecuted.
  • Low moment this weekend: During my jog I was passed by lady with a stroller
  • Federal, state and local government employs 22 million people. The number of people indirectly employed by the government (i.e. me, who has no job if there weren't cops, prosecutors, and judges) has to be many times more than that. And you think big government is a bad thing? Those people buy things and need services that keep the private sector functioning.
  • Hockey is officially in a strike/lockout. Anyone care?
  • Great picture of the moment of impact when Sean Lee of the Cowboys got crushed yesterday.
  • The Talking Heads' David Byrne was featured in Time magazine. Make that a white haired David Byrne who still oozes coolness.
  • If you would have taken my betting advice from Friday you would now own your home mortgage free (Alabama) but you would have to pay $20 (Texas).
  • Wrong way driver in Irving last night (that's a lot of damage in that photo.)
  • The Update reports a stabbing in Bridgeport over the weekend. This is the street.



Upstairs said...

President Powers taught my torts and product liability classes when I was in law school 25+ years ago. He has not aged well. And that voice problem. Somthing is going on healthwise.

As far as the attire, he used to teach class in his running shorts. Somthings never change.

DF Charles Allen Wright said...

Lay off Powers, he's easily as cool as David Byrne, health issues notwithstanding.

wordkyle said...

"And you think big government is a bad thing?" From the perspective of your argument, it's bad as in inefficient. You assume that without government, those people (you) would not be employed, nor consuming. With less government intrusion, the private sector could flourish. Instead we send $1 to the government, which then gives you 40¢ to provide services. In the private sector I have the choice whether to give you the full dollar, or to give it to someone else. Which is "better" as in "more efficient"?

Anonymous said...

Now, when I was at UT back in the 80's, since we didn't have cell phones or text messages to warn us of bomb threats, I played it safe by rarely going to class on Fridays. Sure, it took me 5.5 years to get my degree, but hey, safety first.

Anonymous said...

Barry has downgraded his expectations, apparently. Earlier this year he was bragging about how not only would Obama win.....but win in a LANDSLIDE.

Now, he's settling for a tie in the electoral college.

Great RTG girl, btw!

The Jackal

DF Richard Petty said...

Yeah buddy--I'd like to grind her gears.

Anonymous said...

It couldn’t be more clear that U.S. military – and even diplomatic – presence in the Arab Middle East does more harm than good.
It’s time to pull up stakes. America, under Barack Obama, is in no position to defend our interests there.
Our interests are two-fold:
As for oil, America has reserves in excess of those of Saudi Arabia. We should drill. We should build refineries. We should harvest our natural gas supplies. We should explore and drill off shore. And we should build the Canadian pipeline.
If we do those things, we don’t need Arab oil – and the blood, aggravation, hatred and death that comes with it.
As for Israel, America has become a liability. The U.S. treats Israel like a pariah state that does not have the same rights as other sovereign nations – defending itself from unjustified attacks, building and repairing homes and businesses in its own capital, erecting fences to protect itself from maniacs who seek to kill and maim its civilians, attack and destroy nuclear facilities from neighboring countries threatening the country with annihilation.
America is no longer a blessing to Israel. It has become a curse.
At the same time we pull up stakes from the Middle East, we should end all foreign aid – not only the Middle east, but to the entire world. It’s not money we have, and it’s not constitutional to spend it this way if we had it.
If this sounds like a prescription for neo-isolationism, forgive me. That’s what it is. It’s the only policy that makes sense for America as long as we have a man in the White House who doesn’t attend daily security briefings and who seems genuinely surprised that his calculations to undermine Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Moammar Gadhafi in Libya and Bashar Assad in Syria at the behest of the Muslim Brotherhood fanatics has backfired in the form of attacks on U.S. embassies.
Obama is reaping what he has sown. And it’s not a pretty harvest.
He doesn’t even know if Egypt is an ally or a foe.
He wouldn’t recognize an ally if one came knocking on his door – as Benjamin Netanyahu has done on more than one occasion.
In other words, his Middle East policy – like all of his foreign and domestic policies – seems calculated to bring America down.
I want to raise America up.
We can’t do that meddling in the affairs of people who hate us, despise us and want to kill us.
Shut the borders to any new Muslim immigration so this kind of madness doesn’t come to our shores
Develop our own natural resources in the U.S. and with friendly neighbors to the north so we are no longer dependent on the barbarians in the Mideast.
Work strategically as an ally with Israel as an equal partner – not as a bully.
That’s what we need to do – and we need to do it now.
Barack Obama is setting the stage for a regional war – if not a world war – through his incoherent policies in the Middle East.
Get out now, wave goodbye and be done with the fanatics. Let them seethe in their own anger – and watch them turn on each other.
No more American blood should be spilled there.
Israel is quite prepared to take care of itself. We should simply green-light our friends to do whatever is necessary to defend themselves with our blessing – and sell them all the arms and munitions they need.
That’s my simple solution to what we see happening in the Middle East – simple, neat and clean.
What’s wrong with this prescription?
Written By Joseph Farah-via
*The above article has lots of wisdom and direction that our country needs to take! Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem! God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

And that UT president is one strange looking guy especially when he holds a press conference in a Nike turtleneck shirt and a jacket.

That's Jack Palance.

Anonymous said...

Great story on News 8 about Tyler Story.
Can't believe Barry missed this

Nosealot said...

As your hero said, " it is the arithmetic." ( Bill Clinton)
If you work for the government you take out more tax money than you put in. This has a negative effect on the economy and the debt.
Example: Government salary 100,000, taxes 20,000; 80,000 net money OUT OF the tax pool. Private employment salary 100,000, taxes 20,000; 20,000 net money going INTO the tax pool.
Some government jobs are essential ( many are not) but they still are a drain on the tax pool.

Unknown said...

9:17 I think you are so correct,but it will never happen because it is what should be done,

Unknown said...

9:17 I think you are so correct,but it will never happen because it is what should be done,

Anonymous said...

BG are you really that dense?

Anonymous said...

9:17 - In a world in which everyone is incredibly connected (economically, socially, electronically, politically, etc.) you would have us choose some form of extreme isolationism.

Do you know why neither of our major political parties and almost no national candidate has supported such a position in the last 75 years?

Because it is short-sighted, non-workable, ignores the rest of the planet and foolish. We need an give us an ostrich.

Anonymous said...

It seems everybody in Bport didn't know where that street was!!!

Anonymous said...

But those 22 million people produce nothing which doesn't add anything to the GDP.

Anonymous said...

Skippy, And that Baylor President is one professional looking guy. What is his name again?

Anonymous said...

If your logic about the number of government employees was taken to it's logical extreme wouldn't it be best if we all worked for the government?

Here's the point, the government is way to big. There is no lgical or fair way to make it smaller other than do what corporations do at times which is have massive layoffs and then figure out what wounds hurt the most.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Randy girl is hot and very easy looking... nice.

Hey, how about a couple of picks of Alexis Texas? Fun porn fact: she won't do black guys, but she she'll do everything else.

Triple Fake... said...

Random notes:

Big government is a bad thing if it spends our money like - what was the term McCain used? - a drunken sailor on shore leave with somebody else's credit card. Hey, if Romney gets elected, maybe he'll fire a bunch of folks and outsource other jobs to save money. Suggestion: Put the British in charge of law enforcement (but keep your hands off our gun rights, you Limey @#$%s!), and the Asians in charge of education

Is it odd that Hooters is famous for chicken wings...but not chicken breasts?

Did anybody else find it a little strange - in a non-PC sort of way - that the Iowa Park band played the song Dixie several times during the game against Bridgeport?

During a Rangers game the other day, somebody said "They're cut from the same mold."
Uh, I think you mean "Cut from the same cloth."

In todays' S-T, an article about bail bondsmen quotes one of them as saying about his diverse client list "It's the whole gauntlet."
Well, if you rea-a-ally stretched the definition of gauntlet, it could be an assemblage of sorts, but your collection of clients probably runs "the whole gamut".
You'd think the paper would ask him to clarify that remark, or explain to him what a gauntlet really is, because it just makes him - and them - look goofy

Anonymous said...

He is an odd duck, but I have always liked Bill Powers. He has cojones the size of Buicks. Went eyeball to eyeball with a Perry-slanted UT Board and won - for now.

Need more leaders like him - desperately.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Just heard a book review of 500 Days: Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars by Kurt Eichenwald. Sounds like a great peak behind the curtains of government in the days following 9/11. Lot of respect for the author.

DF The Liberally Lean Book Guy

Anonymous said...

Writer commenting on government supplying nothing to GDP is exactly right.

Other than a couple of insignificant things like oil leases, and concessions at Yellowstone, government only sucks up assets, which for the most part are lost.

Business is the only thing that provides true value to the government. Business DID build that, including the government. Corporate taxes, sales taxes, taxes on employee wages, capital gains taxes...every bit of it comes from business.

When government becomes as large as it is now, business simply cannot pay for it. Government is strangling the economy, because of it's size.

Further, it is not the role of government to make choices on which business should survive and/or prosper. That is the democratic role of the people, the free market. Each of us voting on what we feel is best, the dollar being the ballot. When government inserts itself in this process, the election is rigged. The free market is compromised.

Government is supposed to be limited, and is not supposed to make it tough on business. That is not happening now.

It is why we have dropped from first to seventh place globally in competitiveness.

Anonymous said...

Just think. If we all worked for the government, we would all be making over a 100 thousand a year, have great benefits, and cadillac health insurance. That's kind of like the brilliant thinking of Nancy Pelosi when she says unemployment checks stimulates the economy. Damn, I just talked myself into becoming a liberal weenie. Bring on the free stuff.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives love to believe cutting government jobs is a cureall. That is until you cut police (government job), courts (government job), firemen (government job), health inspectors (government job), flight controllers (government job), highway workers (government job), port security (government job)...

The Donald said...

And you think big government is a bad thing?


The boxcars, oil tankers, lumber cars, and car haulers roll along the tracks at the same speed as the train.

Don't confuse their momentum with work. The train would come to a stop without the locomotives.

Triple Fake... said...

@ 6:52 -
that's a generalization.
I've never thought that cutting govt jobs was a cure all. Cutting govt waste is a different story - it's not a cure all, either. But it sure does treat the symptoms

Anonymous said...

Highway workers is a government job?

Anonymous said...


Cut them all. Make them as efficient as possible.

But notice; police, courts, firemen, etc, etc, are not a big problem. Why? Because they are paid locally. Not from a megalithic central government, out of control. Those local governments must balance their budgets. Further, local citizens can do a better job of keeping up with local government costs. Nobody keeps up with Fed costs. Nobody.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought you were one of the somewhat smart ones out there but then you prove me wrong Mr. Green.

Criminals, etc. KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS.

DUH. Without them, you wouldn't have anything to lie, cheat and protect.

Anonymous said...

6:52 Read the Constitution.

Government and protect some key words to look for.