This Ain't Ali/Frazier, I Can Tell You That

I'm not a boxing fan, and I'm not shelling out money for an HBO Pay-Per-View to watch a fight (shout out to my buddy who invited me over last night -- sorry I couldn't make it), but last night's Mayweather/Ortiz fight sure does have everyone buzzing this morning.

Ortiz cheap shots Mayweather with a head butt in the corner. He seems honestly apologetic during the temporary stop (can see that here). When the ref gets them back together to fight again, he just looks off to the ref while Mayweather introduces him to Take That You Little Cheapshotter.  Everyone seems to agree that the ref had told both of them to "fight" before the Mayweather shot, and who knows why Ortiz wasn't ready. Maybe he thought he should fight like Rocky Balboa  -- arms to his side.

Maybe the UFC isn't that bad.

(And there is no way those videos stay up for long.)

Other weekend random sports thoughts:

  • The Evil Empire is back on the right track.
  • Baylor's QB has eight TDs and 8 incompletions for the year
  • Get ready for college football Armageddon this week. With Pitt and Syracuse shocking everyone over the weekend by joining the ACC from the Big East, it's about to get wild. And TCU just got screwed by joining a conference that exploded before they could even get there. 
  • How about throwing up your hands and creating an Ivy League of the South? Baylor, TCU, SMU, Rice, Tulane and . . . that's about as far as I can get.