Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Youtube video of the "Wise County Task Force" watching a DC-10 drop water on the Montague County fire that happened last week. It's pretty amazing, but is that water drop really that effective?
  • I saw where Texas state Sen. Florence Shapiro won't be running for re-election. She may have done more damage to the "justice" part of "criminal justice" than anyone else in Texas due to her support of Draconian laws. Good riddance.
  • And Sen. Jane Nelson needs to go next.
  • I'm ready to concede that I was wrong about my prediction of the Rangers not making the playoffs. I was close, but they consistently played barley above .500 for the last three months and that's all it took. 
  • I'm not sure what to do about running drills for the Softball Team when one girl clearly isn't in good enough shape to keep up with the rest of the team. 
  • "Coach, you looked like you almost skipped getting the ball right then," - comment by one of my players at practice which I knew a handful of you would get a big kick out of. 
  • A man jumped to his death yesterday off of a Rosedale Street bridge in Fort Worth. His name was so unusual that I googled it, and a Fort Worth man with the same name owns/owned what seemed like a pretty big business. I don't know if it is the same guy. 
  • I guess suicides are newsworthy if they occur in public? Never have understood the double standard.
  • I said yesterday I thought the Decatur Eagles would be in the AP Top Ten. Boy, was I wrong. The new poll released later in the day revealed they still haven't even received a single vote. 
  • I'll post it in a bit, but Fox 4 News' was Wheels Off during the first five minutes of last night's broadcast. The camera stayed on Mike Doocy for a good 15 seconds after a lead report (he just waved to the camera while having "Failed Smile"), and the camera cut to Steve Eager at one point who said, paraphrasing, "The camera is on me for some reason and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be saying."
  • Facebook page of the Bridgeport guy injured in the wreck with a fire truck yesterday (as referenced in the Update.)
  • Ennis High Shocker: 80 students and faculty tested positive for tuberculosis after being exposed to a teacher who had the disease.   I don't think we know yet whether the teacher actually knew that she had the disease or not, but I hope this was an innocent mistake.  And, as a side note, I guess we just sit back and watch if any of those 80 don't have medical insurance.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay this morning said he was "confused" by reports that x number of people don't have health insurance in the state because "if they show up to John Peter Smith they'll be taken care of so how can they say they don't have insurance?" Good grief.
  • Half of Wise County becoming part of a new Congressional District? Not so fast. The Justice Department officially says the whole new map "ain't fair".  A three judge panel now must make a decision in the first step of "pre-clearance" under the Voting Rights Act. (I don't think they had any trouble with Wise County in particular but it was an all or nothing endorsement.)
  • Did I hear talk show host Mark Davis refer to Chaz Bono (currently on Dancing With The Stars) as "that thing" at around 8:24 this morning? Surely not. 
  • Tony Romo practiced with a "punctured lung"? Instead of considering him courageous, I'm more inclined to believe that term means something different than what we think it means. 
  • They love crime news in Texarkana . . .