Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Mavs coach Rick Carlisle looks sick to me.  And about a year ago he collapsed in practice and was taken to the hospital -- an incident that was brushed off as "no big deal." I wonder.
  • Fiona in a red dress this morning. (Facebook.)
  • A lot of people are griping about changes to Facebook this week. I'm not one of them because I've never really figured the whole thing out from the get go. (But it's getting really tricked up with the announcement of "timeline" yesterday.)
  • Moneyball sounds like an odd choice to make a movie out of a book.  (But it'll be years before I see it because my movie watching has fallen off a cliff.)
  • I've got Wise County criminal justice news as soon as a certain government web site starts working. 
  • I generally don't like out-of-town lawyers who have never been to Wise County asking my advice about how things work in our courthouse. Unless you're fresh out of law school, being hired to walk into a venue that you have no familiarity with doesn't seem fair to your client. 
  • I think I lost some coaching clout when the girls noticed last night that my whistle has a "Hello Kitty" strap.
  • Funny line from Rick Perry last night during the debate about who on stage would be a good vice-president: "I don't know how you would do this but if you could mate Herman Cain with Newt Gingrich."
  • WBAP's Hal Jay was announcing the results of the Fox News poll of who won the debate but had to stop about four candidates and proclaim, "Wait. I've got this wrong. This isn't in order."
  • Here's the guy scheduled to be executed next in Texas who,as of yesterday, will not get to order the "last meal" of his choice. Do you think he uttered, "Man, I just can't catch a break" last night?
  • The Alvord School Board President wanted to fight a 70 year old man last night? (Update)  And I think historically the Messenger wouldn't report on something like that. 
  • Phillip Nivens in the obituaries in the Update as well?
  • I've thought for years that Channel 8's Debbie Denmon was really getting fat. She must believe that WFAA thinks the same thing because she has filed a claim against them alleging Fat Discrimination. 
  • The "Best Of Dallas 2011" by the Dallas Observer has been released. I like stuff like that. 
  • I saw a Wise County trooper on video the other day tell someone he had arrested, "Watch your mouth. I'm a very religious man."