Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Emmitt Smith has a new book out (the radio commercials are all over the place) where he "outlines the principles that have helped me become a winner." Chapter One: Have more talent than anyone else and join a football team with a Hall of Fame quarterback and wide receiver. Chapter Two: Hey, I'm A Success.
  • For you runners, I switched to Asics shoes over the weekend. So far: Huge thumbs up.
  • My girls softball team has improved to 2-1 on Saturday. I wonder if we'll be on the cover of Sports Illustrated? But I think I failed a sports-ethics-real-life-exam when I'm pretty sure a third strike on one of my players was counted as two by the umpire. I didn't say anything and she got a hit on the next pitch. 
  • The Big 12 officially blows up today. That makes it a sad day.
  • Anyone else think Tony Romo's injury may not have been as bad as everyone said it was?
  • Channel 8 news story from the 1970s where they decided to have reporters drive three abreast on I-30 and not exceed the speed limit (then 55 mph.) Oh, my.
  • I'm not sure what caused me to browse around elected officials campaign financial statements at the Texas Ethics Commission website, but I noticed that Rep. Phil King spent $150 a months on twice a month maid service for his Austin apartment. What's he doing? Having wild parties and trashing the place? Uh...........not a chance.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay this morning: "I tried to watch the Texas/UCLA game this weekend but I couldn't get it. I was mad."  His cohorts then told him it was on ABC. **Shaking Head**
  • I would think the Decatur Eagles would be in the AP Top Ten but I can't find the AP Top Ten. 
  • The Cowboy game was going into Overtime yesterday evening, I hit "record" for the show that was coming on after the game, announced to the house that no one should tell me how it ends, left, came back, hit "play", and realized I didn't record it at all. Beating. 
  • Weather sure does control college football these days: The Oklahoma State game didn't kick off until after midnight and didn't end until 3:30 a.m.,  and Baylor/SFA decided to just cancel the fourth quarter.  I remember attending an Aggie/Baylor game and a Baylor/Houston game in monsoons in the 1980s.
  • Trying to entertain kids is a big player in this world.