Random Wednesday Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: Had a bit of a malfunction this morning which caused only the picture above to be posted between 5:30 and 8:30. Someone noted that it was my best Random Thoughts ever.
  • I'm not a baseball fan, but last night had to be one of the greatest ones in major league history.  That's what happens when baseball games mean something. 
  • Here's a new one: Wrong way driver hits motorcycle in Dallas.  Throw in crashing into a cop car and we would have had a Liberally Lean Trifecta.
  • ESPN's has a new 30 for 30 about Steve Bartman. Man, it sounds great. 
  • Who is the bigger tease/drama queen/narcissist: Sarah Palin or Chris Christie?
  • Mrs. LL asked me last night if I wanted to go to the State Fair this year. If they would bring back the Freak Show with the Monkey Boy and the Lizard Woman, I'd consider it.  (Plus, I'd have to fight through all those Final Destination visions when I looked at the amusement rides.)
  • I missed that there was also a Jacksboro female arrested in the federal government's made-for-press-release-roundup of a motorcycle gang: Erin Myshea Hartzell-Kinsey. The best I can tell, she is married to fellow arrestee, "Skinny Bandido". I guess that makes her Mrs. Skinny Bandido.
  • Four soldiers were arrested in Oklahoma for a home invasion robbery. I wonder if anyone ever bought their meal in a restaurant to thank them for their service?
  • "There's blood." -- Mrs. LL's response to my question of "how bad is it?" when one of the Kids In The House smashed her finger in a door last night.
  • The kid didn't understand it when I told her "You'll never play the violin again."  That was actually my second Three Stooges joke this week since I got to use, "It's all clogged up with wires!" when I was trying to hook up my computer to the video system in the courtroom. 
  • The Knox City Superfan is now selling T-shirts. I'm out. 
  • Whatever happened to Nancy Kerrigan?
  • The Fed's have arrested another guy who they delivered fake bombs to and claim to have struck a major blow against terrorism.  I've been ranting about these kind of arrests since 2009.
  • The Update starts our morning with a car crash photo.