Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • That Michael Jackson audio released yesterday in the criminal trial of his former doctor was creepy and shocking. (Audio with transcript here.) It didn't sound like him. At all.
  • But that's nothing but a showboating-Hollywood-prosecution-for-TV trial.
  • My DWI trial wore me out yesterday. (And TV would not have been interested.)  We finish up this morning after the decision was made late yesterday to not have my client testify. That's a decision I normally don't recommend or support. (I'm unconventional in that practice.) We'll see.
  • Odd: I've got a former DWI client on the jury.
  • For some reason, the conservative media outlets were all giddy about Chris Christie last night expecting that he might announce or give a major clue that he will enter the GOP race. Do you guys even know what you want? 
  • NBC Nightly News had a graphic last night that showed what the presidential polling results were exactly four years ago: Republican Rudolph Giuliani and Democrat Hillary Clinton had overwhelming leads. We've got a long way to go.
  • News item all over the place yesterday: DFW has some of the most congested traffic in the nation. I'm shocked.
  • Jacksboro man dead in Parker County crash.
  • The young driver of the vehicle which crashed and killed four in Wise County this summer was not "drunk" according to the Messenger today. (His blood test revealed .03).  He's out not of the woods yet. Trust me, they'll try to prosecute him under some theory. 
  • The Rangers start the playoffs on Friday and they don't know if they'll play either Boston or Tampa Bay in Arlington, or if they'll play the Yankees in New York?