Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I only half watched the Cowboy game last night but you should only be awarded half a win if you kick six field goals with no touchdowns. 
  • Nothing helps Tony Romo's image more than yelling at teammates. And, boy, did he have reason to yell last night. Had any of those receivers seen a playbook before?
  • Heard on radio: His center looked like an automatic pitching machine whose timing mechanism was malfunctioning.
  • I had already forgotten how much the new Cowboys Stadium looks like Texas Stadium if the shot is from a blimp, at night, and with the roof open. 
  • The feds are always going after porn cases but this metroplex guy is not your typical internet downloader.Sheesh. 
  • Our local DA's office has indicted some very elderly woman who has difficulty walking to the bench at a docket call.  I'm not sure what they accused her of, but the defense lawyers have the best time looking at the prosecutors and shaking their heads every time her case is called. 
  • A sixteen year old boy is held by his stepfather while his mom disciplines him with a stick? Then the boy puts the stepdad in a choke hold and he dies? Fort Worth police are investigating
  • Posting will be a little slow today because I'm in a DWI trial. A weird one at that. I might run the facts past you guys later.
  • Mrs. LL is about to get the Gangsta Family Sedan back. I think she's a little nervous of driving it again. And I don't like how much she has enjoyed the extended cab truck she's been driving. 
  • Watch Rick Perry dance with a bunch of Rabbis last year. I'm serious.
  • Texas Tech student fell to his death over the weekend. Lots of college students end up dead because of falls. 
  • Ashlee Simpson throwing down a "Hey, Now" in Cabo.
  • Any hardline conservative who thinks Herman Cain has even a chance at getting the Republican nomination is delusional (or in denial.) 
  • I'm hearing Nancy Grace had a Janet Jackson like wardrobe malfunction on Dancing With The Star last night.  This truly will be a decision on my part which is the equivalent of deciding whether to look at a car wreck.