Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL and I ate out on a patio at a Fort Worth restaurant on Friday where a guy with a mellow voice was playing (slowed down) rock songs on an acoustic guitar . I think I really like renditions with an acoustic guitar.
  • He fired off a Christian song out of nowhere which allowed me to issue the line, "I like this kind of music, but the subject matter is kind of limited."
  • There were reports of the Messenger's website being hacked this weekend, but I never saw anything weird.
  • WFAA tweeted yesterday morning about four being people being stabbed at a North Dallas club on Saturday night. Now that news is now no where to be found.
  • Referee fall yesterday.
  • Boy, that was one big time Aggie collapse on Saturday. They'll regret that.
  • Book-in photo of the Paradise man involved in the wreck that leads the Update today.
  • Luke Skywalker turned 60 over the weekend. (But I still don't get Star Wars.)
  • It's mind boggling that ESPN's Chris Berman has re-issued the same puns for over two decades. (Watched him do some highlights last night and it was 1990 all over again. He issues that "He could go all the way" like he's never said it before.)
  • A Forney man jumped off the 9th deck of a cruise ship "on a dare" and died. Weird.
  • A lot of people have turned on Rick Perry after the debate performance. He has acted exactly like he did in the Texas debates -- arrogant and above criticism --but this time people are actually watching. 
  • The Chico Zombie T-shirts are now available at BlooMoon Pet Resort in Chico. 
  • Through three games Baylor's Robert Griffin has thrown 82 passes. 12 have been incomplete. 13 have been touchdowns. 0 have been interceptions.  ("These were the happy days - the salad days as they say." - Raising Arizona)