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Sanger ISD Teacher Convocation 2011

It's a callback to Hee Haw with a nod to Rick Perry. This video has some potential to get some traction. Performers are Superintendent Kent Crutsinger, deputy superintendent Eric Beam, and assistant superintendent Jackie McBroom. (Thanks, Kevin.)


There's bus transportation, school breakfast and lunches,
I asked Mr C, he said "That all is fine"
He says he's quite sure that we can do all this
As long as it don't cost this district a dime!

Where, Rick Perry, are you tonight?
Why did you leave us here all alone?
You promised us funding for all Texas children,
But then you heard "White House" and - psssst - you were gone..

Wonderful teachers, a wonderful school board
wonderful parents, I can't help but think.
If everything here is really so awesome, then
why do I find so much hair in the sink?

First there was TABS and then came the TEAMS test
Up came the TAKS - before that the TAAS
Now EOC - it's all called the STAAR test
Standardized testing's a pain in the ....