Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Second softball practice is in the books, and  I'm stressed out of my mind. Doing anything for the first time is challenging. Doing something for the first time in front of an audience is mind numbing. 
  • I guess it will be worth it, but when I laid/lain down last night I was thinking, "What do the kids and parents say about me when they get home?" Yeah, I know. Give that up. 
  • And my coaching philosophy did a 180 yesterday afternoon when I heard an old audio clip from Jason Garrett who said that the worst coaches he ever had were those who told him he was doing a great job regardless of his performance. Ladies, meet the new boss. 
  • And then I ran into the girl who has all sorts of talent but who refused to follow through on her throw out of, I believe, defiance. So then I'm faced with trying to convey the message of "you and I know you're good but you can be better if you'll just listen."  Do you just say that? (12 and 11 year olds.)
  • Funniest tweet about the Aggies telling the Big 12 yesterday that it was officially exploring other options: "aTm just changed its Facebook status from 'It's Complicated' to 'Single'."
  • Based upon his swing, President Obama is a horrible golfer.
  • I had a hearing yesterday where a police officer in Wise County honestly admitted he made a mistake when he could have easily  lied and gotten away with it. It probably jeopardizes the case (a misdemeanor), but his credibility is forever fixed in my mind. If he writes something in a police report in the future, I'll believe it. 
  • That lesson needs to be taught in every police academy and at the DPS training in Austin. In the courthouse, an officer is known first and foremost by his reputation for honesty.
  • Kinky Friedman endorsed Rick Perry yesterday. Has there ever been a more irrelevant political figure than Kindy Friedman? 
  • Danica Patrick announced she would join NASCAR full time next year. Has there ever been a more irrelevant race car driver than Danica Patrick?
  • Lake Bridgeport is now 12 feet low.
  • I gave a ride to a Hispanic guy yesterday who couldn't speak English who was (oddly) delivering two cars off a big rig in my residential neighborhood and then, after driving one of the cars to its destination, couldn't find his big rig. You can read that sentence five times and you'll  still be as confused as I was as he tried to explain what his his situation was.
  • My life is getting weird.
  • I did tell Mrs. LL as I backed out of the drive way, "Nice knowing ya." She just looked back at me and said, "Seriously?"
  • "Come on Irene, oh I swear (what he means)" .......