Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Messenger has dueling opinion pieces about the Child Abuse Training Session that teachers were subjected to last week. (One was written by the guy that presented it.) . I think I'll take credit for bringing that issue to the forefront -- or those who first mentioned it in the comments should. 
  • I'm now coaching a 12 and under girls fast pitch softball team, and  I'm scared to death. (And if any of you know any major deviations from the rules of baseball that are contained in the USSSA rules - which I just heard of last night -- let me know.) I've already spent time figuring out base distance, pitching distance, and ball size. 
  • The team was created from overflow players from the other teams when the turnout was greater than expected. This has Bad News Bears written all over it. 
  • And I'm sooooo working on my "lollygagger speech." 
  • From the Editor in the Messenger last week: "Predictions of our quick demise were greatly over-exaggerated. That which did not kill us has made us stronger, as well as more nimble, and has given us a much broader perspective than the simple confines of Wise County, Texas."  Hey! That's real close to "the humble confines of Wise County, TX" that's in the masthead above.
  • The alleged Paradise murder case may involve bondage and chains. 
  • TexasLending.com runs the most questionable commercials. For months they have run a radio spot which begins (and I paraphrase): "Mortgage rates have risen above six percent in the last two weeks. Well, they haven't, but that's what you'll hear in the next couple of months so you need to act now." Their "prediction" continues to be false as mortgage rates haven't been over 6% all year (and actually fell in the 3% range a couple of weeks back.)
  • Oddly written blurb in the Update today. Decatur ISD's Monday enrollment was 53 more students than last year. Then they casually throw in that attendance grew by 37 from Monday to Tuesday
  • In looking over the list of people I despise (Hannity, Sheriff Joe, Nancy Grace, etc.) I think I determined the one quality they all have in common: They are selling a persona to the masses which they know is fake.
  • Oh, and Sheriff Joe tweeted this morning, "I'm getting ready for a big operation today." Either he's going to roundup a punch of illegals or he's having a colonoscopy. I can't tell. 
  • Idiocracy: A bunch of former Hooters executives are not going to open a bunch of Twin Peak restaurants. 
  • WBAP's Hal Jay on Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson this morning: "Is he that good? He's done pretty well for Minnesota but he hasn't set the NFL on fire yet has he?"
  • Sports nugget: In last 3 years, Boise State and TCU are a combined 74-5. Two of those 5 losses came to one another.
  • Are the local lumber companies still open in Wise County or has Lowe's really hurt them?