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Friday Night Lights Of Unbearable Heat

Boyd 26 Godley 62
Instant analysis: Godley? As in Godly? As in God-Like? I think not. No mercy there.

Glen Rose 36 Bridgeport 53
Instant analysis: 89 total points in the first game of the season where the defense is always ahead of the offense. This was 7 on 7, right?

Perrin Whitt 7 Chico 38
Instant analysis: Somebody call 911! Chico has risen from the dead and has gone into butt-kicking Zombie Mode.

Whitesboro 7 Decatur 35
Instant analysis: The changing demographics are not kind to a team named after settlement of Caucasians. They do know we have a black man in the White House, don't they? Time to change.

Northwest 46 Carrollton Creekview 27
Instant analysis: Never cared about Northwest. Not starting now.

Paradise 20 Venus 16
Instant analysis: The Goddess of Love against a Place of Bliss? There should have been some kind of tricked up promotion with the game being played in Godley.