Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Oakland Raiders have a grandmother as a cheerleader.
  • I ate at Chuy's off 7th Street in Fort Worth the other day. Good stuff. But the walls seem to be decorated from a garage sale of the furnishings of every type of closed restaurant. Elvis? Christmas balls? 
  • I had to go to a driver's license hearing in Fort Worth yesterday and got in the worst traffic jam I've ever been in. On I-35 at 820 to I-35 and Belknap took just under one hour to navigate. (And by the time I got to the accident scene, it was completely clear. It felt a little wrong to feel that I was cheated out of seeing what the hold up was about.)  
  • I think I got talked into being a softball coach when I was deliriously tired late last night.
  • In light of the violence at NFL games over the weekend, The Ticket had a discussion yesterday about how a certain "dangerous element" has worked itself into the fan base of pro football games. It seemed like they were talking in an uncomfortable code.
  • An interesting moment came when host Corby Davidson asked how "those people" can even afford to go to the game in the first place. "You know they aren't getting up the next day and going to work at Chase Bank."
  • One final Ticket note: Host Bob Sturm is taking a month or so off in order to finalize the adoption of a child from Guatemala. Man, that's an honorable act. (But he spoke of how it had been a ridiculously long two and half year process.)
  • Hey, whoever/whomever keeps posting comments about the One Stop of Texas in Runaway Bay, you can stop now. You've obviously got a beef with the place which consumes you to no end.
  • I need to check with the Rock City burger place in Bridgeport to see if business went up last week after it became the subject of discussion in the comments. One of these days, I'm going to sell ads on this thing.
  • I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been a bigger Constable Tom Bishop vs. Commissioners' Court before now. 
  • You guys can buy gold all you want, but I'd fear a crash of biblical proportions. That market seems to be full of people that will panic once it starts to go down with a selling frenzy ensuing. 
  • A father drowned his two children yesterday but only after (1) the mother, Kametra Sampson, jumped out of his car abandoning the kids to notify a deputy constable she saw, and (2) the deputy constable didn't get involved in a chase due to "no chase policy." Sheesh.
  • The Dallas Morning News has a story about that mother's Facebook page but the article is behind a paywall. The only Kametra Sampson I could find is one listed as "Kametra Ibetyaniggawantthis Sampson." Oh, my.
  • Fox 4 forecast for the next seven days has the temperature at a least 104 every day. Good grief.
  • "And Another." (Texas) Edit: Link fixed