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Hey, You Guys Were Mentioned In Our Semi-Weekly Paper

Not sure how I missed this. The guy that gave the Child Abuse Recognition Seminar (my label, not his) wrote a response to the negative reaction in the Messenger this week and mentioned the Best Blog Not To Win A Local Award in 2011.  But, sheesh, he did go on. He spent most of the time responding to comments in the blog and even identified them by time of posting. (i.e "anonymous at 4:41 p.m. wrote")  I guess he wrote a blog comment posted in a newspaper as an opinion piece.  This new media makes my head hurt.

I'm pretty much neutral on the whole issue, but I hated it when he used the "if it saves one life argument" at the end.   That never makes sense to me. It would save one life to have all cars built like a NASCAR, for us to be mandated to wear crash helmets, and, in the context of abuse, limiting a parent's contact with their child to times when it was being being remotely monitored by the government on video. All of those would save one life. Guaranteed. But they are all sacrifices that we as a society will not make.


Anonymous said...

What a JERK. He should be beat with a cane pole

Anonymous said...

I think I'll wait a couple of weeks and read about it in the Messenger.

Anonymous said...

He will win any argument in public opinion because it has to do with kids. May not make sense but that is the way it goes. Its also his job he is protecting as well as the kids. I have experince in the matters. If he is lucky and aggressive he can parlay this gig into a better job with the Boy Scouts of America or the somebody else ultra sensitive about protecting kids and the reputations of their organization.

Anonymous said...

I loved this paragraph....until I read the last line.

"Before I left the church last Tuesday, someone even stated to me, “I wouldn’t blame you if were asked to come back to Wise County and present a program and you turned that request down.” The human and worldly side of me would quickly say, “Nope, I’m never coming back.” But after thought and prayer, I realize that would be such a horribly wrong answer."

We were so close to keeping this dude outta here......Soooo close.

Anonymous said...

Zero Tolerance signs would have helped to avoid all this ruckus.

Anonymous said...

I stand by my "grandstanding" comments. I also stand by my statement that the pictures are inappropriate for the audience and if he can't understand that it is time to hang it up. I believe he did more harm than good by his outdated "shock and awe" presentation style and obscene pictures of genitals. The educators of Wise Co would have been better served by teaching us what to look for instead of "shocking" us with pictures of injuries school officials will never see.

aroundthecorner said...

Leave it up to you Barry to turn this topic into a NASCAR beating of some kind.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy that he responded to this blog.... but even more idiocracy is the teachers and administrators who concocted a reason to not sit in the meeting because it disturbed their brain.

Pretty small minded reason to get out of an educational meeting.

Anonymous said...

how much does this guy get paid to show this perversion as if it will help the children..? please how much $.

Anonymous said...

The message is a good one, but the presentation is in need of alot of editing. If you could sit through this seminar with your eyes shut it would be a completely different experience.

Cleverly Disguised said...

What a pompus ass!

Anonymous said...

Don't let him come back. WTFE on his Letter to the Editor. Reminds me of the quote: "Methinks he doth protest too much".

Anonymous said...

He should be beat with a cane pole

By his daddy.


Anonymous said...

I struggled through, and was troubled by, Mr. Davis’ opinion piece. What I took away was this: Mr. Davis learned nothing from his visit to Wise County. Unless I overlooked it, he has failed to experience any amount of personal or professional growth from this experience. His published piece screams, “I’m right! I’m right! I’m right!” That’s unfortunate, given the serious and potentially life-or-death nature of the subject matter (i.e., child abuse).

Mr. Davis claims to be called by God to share his knowledge with others. I wonder if God has told him that his message and methods are without fault. Perhaps Mr. Davis would benefit from a scriptural investigation of humility.

Mr. Davis can defend himself from now until the end of time, but that doesn’t change the fact that he failed. When an audience reacts the way his Wise County audience reacted, that is failure.

Anonymous said...

The problem with pompous asses is they usually don't realize they are pompous asses. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Double Fake Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Anonymous said...

This screw-up, much less all the finger pointing, doesn't lead to confidence in a few of our educators.

Anonymous said...

Well I can't believe we are the only people who have rejected this man's presentation. Even though we did not view it, we judged it. I am sorry for doing that; but, I wonder if I would not still have the same impression if I saw it.
As for the teachers, if it is mandatory to receive the presentation why were they allowed to leave? There are plenty of layed off teachers who would be glad to take their places. Every job I worked had certain training sessions you had to do each year. If you did not do it you were fired! This just proves to me that Wise County people are the biggest bunch of whiners in Texas; and, I am ashamed of us today.
I for one will be praying for the safety of all children; and, hope there will always be someone willing to provide the help they need.
I don't see this man being a pompus ass. I would imagine this man has a very good reputation to protect. It was important to him to be sure our county understood his program and that he certainly meant no harm.

I further think we all need to be more careful in the future who we choose to jump on in this blog. Some things are just too sensitive for our shoot from the hip sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is the real deal. Some have commented on how he could have presented his slide show without any photos and just described what they should look for.

That would equate to getting a written description, without actually seeing it, of a house before you buy it.

This guy cares nothing about what you or I saw in any blog on any web page. This guy is all about protecting children. And to do HAVE to be proactive, not just reactive. You can't block the fist after you've been punched.

Are the pictures terrible to look at? I think everyone would agree that they are. But are they necessary? Yes. Does every teacher know what every type of physical abuse injury looks like? No. Are they graphic? Of course they are, and that's the whole point.

This presentation is not a "shock and awe" presentation. It's a true representation of what actually happenes and people don't want to see it, because they probably don't want to accept that (1) there are people in the his world that are capable of doing this and (2) there are scores of children that have to endure it.

Anonymous said...

There is a grass fire reported in Hide Away Bay/Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Road. Vehicles are looking for it now.

Anonymous said...

You would think professionals who spend more time with our chidren than anyone else would take at least a small interest in this subject. Guess not. As for the graphic reality of child abuse, it's not all unicorns and glitter. It is disgusting, unimaginable, and very real. It's also far more common than you think. If you were troubled by the harsh reality of child abuse, good. Any normal person should be. But if you were inconvenienced by the harsh reality of child abuse, you may want to rethink why you chose your profession.

Anonymous said...

Every teacher watching the sexual nanny camera of the 18 month sexual assult should have walked out right then!

I never trust anyone with good hair slicked back like that. This guy should be a politician; he has the hair and he talks way too much.

Anonymous said...

I read his article and feel the same way he does about Wise Co.
Most were probably uncomfortable because they don't want to be the one to sound the whistle in this county. Their all in bed together round here. Wake UP, and get the education you need to stop this.
It is reality, espeacially in Wise Co. Several of your fine law enforcement officers have been convicted here in the last 10 years. Three I can recall for sure, some I've heard about but the women are to afraid of retaliation on theirselves or their family members due to several still serving the citizens here.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Are teachers required to receive training on what are the signs of child abuse and how to deal with it?


Are teachers required to view pictures of ANAL RAPE OF TODDLERS?


Case closed.

If Wise Cares really viewed the presentation ahead of time and still thought it appropriate then they are idiots. Ditto on school administrators if they don't view presentations ahead of time in the future.

(and yeah, that was some piece of work in the opinion column. Notice how he spent lots of words on everything except the graphic content and off-color jokes?)

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

1:56PM... so how would viewing a picture of abused genitalia benefit a teacher? In any way? Please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I knew somebody would take offense at the slight toward NASCAR.

Did no one tell him we're a bunch of poop flinging monkey-trolls?

Spider Monkey Trolls that is.

Anonymous said...

As Whitehead would say, there is the Law and then there is Wise Co. Law.

If it is the law they should recieve the training or they shouldn't be able to teach if they walked out. Nothing would have prevented them from shutting there eyes and just listening.

Wise County fail again!

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

2:06PM, those professionals do spend more time with your children than anyone else. Why do you think they have no interest in this topic? Because they walked out on disgusting pics? You obviously have never been a teacher. They care a whole lot more than you give credit for.

Anonymous said...

2:02, Tell them to drive towards the smoke and they will find it.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a Baptist preacher, which makes me disregard anything he has to say, anyway.

Anonymous said...

2:07 nailed it.

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale

-555 out of 5

Anonymous said...

Of course he's a pompous ass. He's a cop.

Anonymous said...

Man, you can sure tell when you piss the teachers off. The spelling and sentence structure gets a hell of a lot better on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Honcho, I will enlighten you, since you have the comprehension of an infant.

Do you know the difference between any naturally occurring skin disorders that may appear to be abuse?

Do you know how to tell the difference between an injury that is likely cause from abuse or just playing? Like checking the actual location, is it in an area that protrudes from the body natural (as seen in most accidental playing injuries)?

Can you tell the difference between an injury that is cause from a low-speed/high density object, as opposed to a high speed/low density object?

You see (and I'll go slow for you), if you can see the images (that's the picture thingies) of actual injuries and are told how the were produced, maybe, just maybe, even someone as simple minded as you MIGHT have a better understanding.

Did I go too fast for you, or do you need to digest it a little longer?

Anonymous said...

2:16 Really? We have serving citizens who abuse their family, or other people? If I knew who I would blow the whistle. How about some they can be found out and dealt with by the real law.

Anonymous said...

After reading the posts from last week, I was defending the presentation.

However, after reading the presenter's opinion and the teacher's opinion, the teachers were right to be offended.

The video presentation could have been avoided by closing their eyes. Based on the descriptions, there was no need to show his videos. The insults this man made about women are unacceptable.

If a person made this man's comment during a training session where I worked, the session would have stopped immediately, "Ladies it's only been legal for 20 years for you to have a headache." Does he still think it's the 1970s? Good Lord, that type of sexual talk went out many, many years ago.

For him to understand, perhaps a female presenter should talk about the size of men's penises. Is that inappropriate? Yes! It is equally offensive for women to hear his comment.

This "holier than thou" jerk needs to go back to Beaumont where it's apparently still the 1970's.

This information can be presented to the teachers without dealing with an arrogant and sadistic presenter.

If he had to train cops about prostitution, does it mean that he should show porn movies to "prove" that it's out there??

It sounds like he will never be asked to present again in Wise Co. stating that he wrote a book is going to backfire. That's one book that nobody around here will purchase.

When somebody looks down on women and shows kiddie porn, you have to wonder about his ulterior motives.

Anonymous said...

Mr Davis, Stop reading these comments if you can't handle reality. You were showing kiddie porn. That is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I was sexually assaulted on many occasions when I was 6 years old. It was a babysitter. I am thankful that there were no nannycams or pictures taken of me.

Do I think that pictures of my private parts would help teachers recognize sexual abuse? NO! If this had happened, I would feel as if I were being assaulted over and over again every time this guy showed my pictures.

Ironically, the way that the abuse was discovered had NOTHING to do with looking at my vagina. Not too long after the abuse, I cut the inside of my vagina on a swing tee-totter when the metal snapped and went up me. The doctor saw no sexual assault. He did see me kicking and punching him as he tried to look at my vagina.

My point is that an observant teacher will know something is wrong by the child's change in personality.

If a child trusts the teacher he/she will tell all.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately for students and parents in Wise County, most will never know the great amount of effort teachers, administrators and school staff go to to protect children in this community. They are required and should provide the most confidentiality and discretion as is possible in difficult situations. All educators are mandatory reporters. I have personally seen my wife, an educator, spend hours in the evening at home speaking with Child Protective Services, working desperately to help a child with their difficult situations at home.

I'm tired of this expectation that schools are held so responsible for so much that is beyond their control. Abusive home life. Poverty. Physical disabilities. Mental disabilities. Bullying. Obesity. Drinking and driving. Texting. Defying. Gangs. Drugs. At some point, someone else has to take responsibility for solving these issues.

I truly believe the average person would be shocked to hear all the things that any given school may have to deal with on any given day at any given time. These are things rooted in life beyond the school walls, and for some reason, there are still brave enough people to be educators.

Anonymous said...

Is he Cullen's Brother?

Anonymous said...

4:53, what an idiot you are. Honcho is right. Teachers don't need to see pictures of abuse, we've seen it firsthand. We need to know who to turn to, where to report it, how to deal with the emotions involved, not to see some POS toss his kid.

I am so for the teachers that protested this. It only shows the level of their compassion--which is deep. This subject only touched on one phase of child abuse--there's neglect, hunger, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, etc. That was never discussed.
Then take the topic of bullying--have we gone too far in the schools, not far enough? Are all the bullies students, nope, some are parents. Teachers need the tools to work with this abuse also, not just the blatantly physical.
Until you have been a teacher, don't be so quick to criticize. There's always a bad one or two, but 99% are top-notch.

Anonymous said...

" do you know conditions?

Do you know how to tell the difference between an injury that is likely cause from abuse or just playing? Like checking the actual location, is it in an area that protrudes from the body natural (as seen in most accidental playing injuries)?

Can you tell the difference between an injury that is cause from a low-speed/high density object, as opposed to a high speed/low density "

So Sargent - answer this -WHY would a teacher NEED to know these things? It would NEVER be appropriate for a teacher to have a child disrobe. Never. Can you imagine the outcry - much less the liability?

Again - it is important to know your audience and you failed in that respect thus failing those you swore to protect.

The Donald said...

The 'saves one life' argument is usually the last refuge of a scoundrel when reason doesn't support the position.

Anonymous said...

That guy is as gay as Barry's underwear.

Anonymous said...


Hey Sarge, why don't you just come out of the closet and post under your real name?

Anonymous said...

4:53 You are still a pompous ass Sgt. Davis. You're not fooling everyone.

Anonymous said...


I'm thinking your brain is low speed, low density.

I would pick the word "mushy" to describe it.

Anonymous said...

4:21, LOVE your comment! Great sense of humor!

KUDOS to Wise County teachers and administrators who walked OUT of this graphic presentation! Thank God I live amongst those who will stand up for what is RIGHT and will not buy into a "nationwide" (? - have to wonder about anyone who says this is a good program!) program that they are told to swallow. Here is the truth:


We don't get to say to students, "Strip off all your clothes and let us examine your body from head to toe!"

We deal with emotions, mood swings, lack of work ethic, anger outbursts, emotional outbursts, bi-polar behavior, silence, anti-social (withdrawn) behavior, etc..etc..etc...etc... and NONE of that has to do with watching a child being beaten, or pictures of mutilated body parts!

Those of you who are not educators really do not have a clue! Actually, it is a lot easier to spot abused children than you think! Parents who do abuse, may think it won't be obvious, but believe me, after about 5 years of teaching kids, abused cildren are quite easy to label!

THE PROBLEM is getting anyone to DO anything about it!!!!!

I know several children who had teachers try to help their terrible homelife situations and reported abusive parents or relatives to CPS. Almost every one of those children was returned to those homes/parents.

The presenter is not telling/showing teachers/educators anything they do not already know!!! Where is the program that teaches CPS how to STOP THE ABUSE???? Why are abusers put on probation time and time again while the children continue to suffer?

No, this program only made those teachers sicker because they saw what many children are RETURNED to after the teachers report abuse to CPS!! How would you feel if you had done your job, reported abuse only to know that child will probably suffer even MORE abuse because the abuser thinks they TOLD!!!

I don't blame them one bit for walking out! It was presented to the wrong audience!

Anonymous said...

4:53, Teachers are NOT DOCTORS!! Duh!!
It is NOT a teacher's job to "know the difference between any naturally occurring skin disorders that may appear to be abuse."

It is NOT a teacher's job to "know how to tell the difference between an injury that is likely cause from abuse or just playing."

It is NOT a teacher's job to "tell the difference between an injury that is cause from a low-speed/high density object, as opposed to a high speed/low density object."

That is what DOCTORS do!!! That is what medical professionals do!!!

A TEACHER will report seeing an injury, but the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS must determine the cause and kind!!

Once, I reported a kid who had a couple of bloody injuries on his leg and scratch marks but it wasn't my JOB to figure out what caused them!! The nurse looked at him, then had a doctor look at him and then it was reported back to his teachers that he had a dog bite!

Are teachers supposed to KNOW that? NOOOOOOOO!!! Teachers do enough already. DO NOT start putting the responsibility of being a Medical Professional on our shoulders unless you are ready to pay us the salary a medical professional makes!

Anonymous said... sure know how to stir the pot!!!

Anonymous said...

I smell Bill Davis all on this post.

Anonymous said...

So, Sgt Davis, instead of "bucking up" and defending your inappropriate program, why don't you listen to these professional teachers and learn something from what they are saying. They are just as much a professional in their careers as you are in yours and I dare to say they spend much more time in the trenches with more numbers of kids than you ever could. Your approach is wrong and these teachers are telling you that. Ask THEM what they know about spotting abused kids! Ask them how they feel when they try to help, but to no avail. Ask them what they need from law enforcement to be helpful to their reports of abusers.
I truly believe it is YOU who can learn more about "knowing how to spot an abused or bullied child" from the teachers! Have you sat with teachers and asked them to share experiences about trying to help abused children with you? Have you taken notes from school personnel who KNOW the children in their schools who need the support of their teachers because they don't get any support at home? Have you spoken to the schools in Wise County that quietly provide clothes, shoes, toilettries, medical care, etc to those students because the TEACHERS have chipped in to provide such care for them? Yes, that is all done on the QT, because teachers don't look for applause from the community, they just do what is needed to provide for kids that truly have nothing. Sgt, have you even thought to try and report on what teachers have done to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of these abused or neglected children or are you happy to just rake in the bucks by putting more pressure on these educators?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Actually 4:53, I am not an infant. And I am not a teacher. But I do sleep with a teacher every night.

And she needs training on child abuse as I mentioned earlier. But, "Sarge", she DOES NOT need to see pictures of raped childrens genitalia. That does ZERO good for her but lots of harm.

For this to be of any benefit to Teachers, you are assuming they can examine children's genitalia at school. Wrong. Sgt Davis should know that if a Teacher disrobes a student they will go to jail.

Again, what possible good does it accomplish to show teacher pictures of genitalia of raped children?


PS - 5:34pm, kudos. You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Davis, give it up. You're not going to convince anyone with half a brain that you were right or appropriate, and posting anonymously isn't helping your cause when ONLY you could have posted such a detailed point-by-point of your own presentation. Most of us who were present were too sick and upset to remember that much detail.

Also, as many have said, you are a pompous ass.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a douche-y windbag.

RPM said...

Why does a teacher need to look at a child's anus? Isn't that a job for a medical professional?

Anonymous said...

A Letter to the Abused Children of Wise County,

I'm sorry abused children of Wise County. You're on your own. Your Wise County educators are disgusted by your problems.

I know you are just a child, so let me explain it like this:

When you were young, someone could tell you how to tie your shoes. But, it wasn't unitl someone showed you how to do it for it to make sense. You had to SEE it.

While in math, your teacher could tell you how to solve a problem. But it wasn't until the teacher showed you how to solve it, that you could SEE it.

Your English teacher will tell you how beautiful and eloquent Shakespeare's writings are. But until you read a book like A Midsummer Night's Dream, you won't SEE it.

You'll conduct many experiments in science labs. This will be for you to SEE the results. Many times, words on paper don't give a situation justice. You have to SEE it for it to make sense or become real.

Sadly, your teachers do not want to SEE what you have to endure day in and day out. It is too much for them. I know you spend most of your waking hours with them, and probably trust most of them.

But the HELL you live through daily disgusts them. It upsets them to the point they walk out of classes designed to help you. They feel they shouldn't be exposed to what you have to deal with every single day. They are repulsed that they have to SEE it.

After all, it's about them. Not you. Not the kids that can't defend themselves.

They will make ridiculous claims to justify their actions (for whatever twisted reasons). But it is obvious how they were offended by what you have to endure every single day. They feel they should not be exposed to it, or SEE it.

Helping you beyond academics is not, "what they signed up for". They do not want to SEE your personal problems. If they did, they wouldn't walk out of a class designed to help you. After the last bell rings, you're on your own.

If you are an abused child in Wise County, find an adult that can help you. There ARE adults that care about you and are not willingly oblivious to your situation. It could be a counselor, a police officer, a neighbor, your pastor, or even a friend's parent.

Just go to someone, anyone. Hopefully not a teacher who is appalled by your situation. It is too much of a reality for them to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Davis, cash your check. Forget this sad episode in your career and make the changes in your presentation to not repulse teachers and get your feeling hurt.

Anonymous said...

Let me speak as a child raised in an abusice home and now a 20 year public school employee. My abuse was not physical---please tell me how this presentation would have helped one of my teachers know anything? My sisters and I hid everything! Our high school friends to this day no nothing of our situation. Of all our teachers and other adults involved in our lives (and there were many as we were VERY involved students), only ONE knew what went on in our lives. To this day, that teacher and her husband are still the people on whom I can depend. Lucky for me, I had her in my life.
I say all of this to tell you, that as an educator who lived through some traumatic things, this presentation will help me ZERO in identifying child abuse of my students. I've learned to watch for more than bruises.
1:32---you said all I need to say! No need to repeat it. He won't listen anyway!
1:53---I can say that teachers are not REQUIRED to have training in child abuse (unless it's district mandated). Having been in eduction 20 years, I've NEVER had training in this, other than personal experience, OTJ training, and "a momma's gut instinct".

Anonymous said...

One would expect such reaction from a county full of inbred idiots. The man knows his topic. Obviously 40 years of investigative work would make him an expert. Teachers need to grow up. They chose to deal with children. When a child reaches out to someone they trust, that person needs to know what to do. Some of these children may only take that chance once in their lifetime. I hope it's not one of the ignorant educators that walked out. Grow up

Anonymous said...

What Sgt. Davis needs to know that teachers in the classroom are so stressed and have to focus on teaching kids to pass a test. Now they have to worry if they will have a job in the future due to budget cuts. Many face no pay increase while having to pay more of their health care benefits. I have two daughters who teach and I know they would protect children if they were abused but they don't have to watch a baby being raped and be "shocked" to do their jobs because they have common sense.

So if the poster was Sgt. Davis, I would say to him that my daughters would have walked out on you because you have NO respect for teachers!"

And shame on you for saying teachers don't care.

Anonymous said...

To all of you bashing teachers, did you read the opposing view written by a teacher? She did not say that training wasn't needed. She only said this training was taken too far.

Anonymous said...

1:55 (AKA Sgt. Davis) you are too far up the horses butt to realize it is a zebra.

I understand your passion for abuse kids. I have worked w CPS and other agencies - I am now an educator. I also know when you are too close to abuse everyone becomes a perpetrator and you become numb to the horrific truths of child abuse so you can do your job. It is obvious you are burnt out. It is sad that instead of LISTENING to the offended educators you choose to finger point, name call and try to "shame" people for not getting behind your methods.

I felt bullied by your presentation - as did many others. I now feel you choose to continue the bullying instead of weeding out the truths. It was an inappropriate presentation for teachers. You can walk away from this learning something or you can cry in your beer. Honestly I expect more from a man with your age, experience and reputation.

Anonymous said...

To Sgt Davis---remember.....while you are so busy finger pointing at these educators, there are 3 other fingers pointing back at you. Most GOOD public speakers listen AND HEAR what their audiences say about their presentation, and adjust accordingly. No one is saying your message is not an important one. It's all about the method of delivery, which should be based on the audience.

Anonymous said...

Let the teachers teach and the school nurse examine. See how simple this problem is?

Anonymous said...

Well said 1:55AM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1:55 I believe you to be Sgt Davis. Do you really think little kids are reading this? I very much doubt it. Make changes to your presentation. I believe it was way overboard on the graphics and more info than the teachers need. You are grandstanding for self gratification. You are not the superstar you think you are.
Time to retire, sir.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

A letter to 1:55am

I am sorry, defender of Sgt. Davis. You are on your own. The people of this blog are not capable of helping you understand your problem.

I know you are just incapable of admitting to certain wrong doings during this presentation, so let me explain it to you like this:

Teachers care so much for kids. They do this day in and day out. "What they signed up for" is more powerful in impacting a children's life than you obviously understand.

Teachers play a vital role in stopping and preventing many childhood problems, including child abuse.

Teachers need/and do receive training on the subject of child abuse.

Teachers do not need to SEE pictures of children's Anuses as part of this training.

In the future, instead of disparaging teachers and questioning their caring, try understanding your audience. Try to refrain from sexist jokes. Try to keep needless pictures out of it that do nothing but add shock value. And if you can't understand this, please go find an Adult with common sense. Someone, Anyone. And Hopefully they will be able to help you.

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Davis I know you are writing on this page. I totally believe that you have good intentions at heart. With that being said please listen and take something from these comments. Your presentation could be great if you focus on the information not the horrific details.
I was in Social Work before I became a teacher. That meant child welfare classes and training to recognize the signs. Let me tell you what you showed the teachers was far worse than anything I ever saw in school. I worked with CPS and Lewisville's Advocacy Center. They are wonderfully trained and handle the children with respect and professionalism that as a small county we do not have as many resources.
You are right domestic violence and child abuse go hand in hand I worked with Friends of the Family in Denton and witnessed it. I still did not need graphic images to recognize the signs. Children in Wise County as you wrote your wonderful notes as 1:55 are not screaming out please look at photos of my abused and scarred anus.

CPS has a sheet that you could of easily shown with a list of things to look for.
I am married to a police officer and we have done classes similar to yours without the graphic nature. The message will get across. Please dont forget with the statistics 1 in 4 girls so how many women were you speaking to that identified with the images because that could of been them. You hurt them again.
I am so blessed to say I am a teacher and I love children and would never turn a blind eye because I didn't see a video of a baby being abused on a nanny cam. I did not whine or cry I actually wanted to finish your presentation because like so many on here have commented I think that I can compartmentalize and focus on your message but not everyone has training like you and I.
Also check your stats that you put up. Children are going to report to teachers or other professionals. Like you said if you can just save one. Well put your ego aside and take some advice and think about what you show.

Anonymous said...

1;55==Such faulty logic. That teachers have to see something before they can understand it. I guess that means a blind child can't learn, doesn't it?

I believe in God, but I haven't seen him. I know he's there by the signs I see, hear, and feel all around me.

As an educated person, I "feel" i can tell an abused child without seeing a graphic presentation. I know emotional abuse although it isn't visible. I know when a child is hungry and needs a few dollarss to eat. But I don't have to see a presentation on starving children to know that a kid needs food. All you have to do is look at the Decatur Cares program to see what is being done to help.

People in Wise County care very much for their children. There is a Wise county coalition on children't health being formed as we sit here. The focus is on child abuse. But you better believe they won't use scare tactics and graphic films. That is a form a bullying and we're against that here in our schools.

Anonymous said...

The guy sounds like he could use an ass kicking from the AFT in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering - - how many abused children or neglected children from Wise County have NOT become subjects for Sgt Davis' presentation BECAUSE THEIR TEACHERS STEPPED IN? I completely agree with 9:06. Teachers do know how to recognize children in need of assistance or of rescuing and have been doing just that for years and years and years!
THANK YOU Wise County teachers for keeping a vigilent eye and taking care of those kids who need help. We do know you have helped quietly and without applause for the children in your care. Thank you too for telling this presenter what he is doing wrong in his presentation. If he will adjust his presentation by listening to your suggestions, he just might have a real successful presentation for educators. Hopefully he will make the necessary adjustments!
I am very proud to be a citizen of Wise County and to know that my children are cared for by teachers and even administrators who are SMART enough to realize a BS program when they see one! Have a wonderful school year everyone!

Anonymous said...

I've read every one of the comments but I have to wonder if we are looking at the root of the problem. The initial question should be, "Did Pat Slayton preview the video and material before offering it to the school districts?" Did the superintendents preview the video and the material before including it in the teachers inservice? I am quite certain the material is appropriate somewhere, but I think the wrong audience was shown material that did not seem appropirate. Please never judge a teacher unless you have been one or have the education to become one. Teachers spend untold hours with children, many hours they do not get paid for all because they love children and want to see them succeed. It is easy to critisize when you are on the outside looking in. Support your teachers! Give them a pat on the back! Believe me, they deserve it!

Anonymous said...

11:43 Well stated. I have always had great respect for teachers. I am newly retired. How does one go about volunteering at one of the schools? How could I help?

Anonymous said...

Pwack pwack pa kaaaack! OK that looks weird, but you'd get the idea if I was flapping my arms while they were folded up at my sides and scratching the ground with my feets.

Barry, you may be a lot of things, but a chicken isn't one of them.

Here, may have been the place for a Free For All if you weren't going to post ANY of my hilarity.

Anonymous said...

The good Sargent will be presenting at the Texas Association of School Administrators / Texas Association of School Board convention in Sept. I wonder if he will be spouting his disdain towards teachers there?

Anonymous said...

9:15 Really? I'm gonna see if I can email somebody at TASA about what went on here in Wise County.

Anonymous said...

It is on his website -has been for a while.

I understand his feelings are hurt but his "letter to abused children of Wise County" shows he has moved beyond what is best for the kids to what is best for his bruised ego. He can hide beyond "anonymous" but his style is written all over it.

What saddens me is that a man of this age and reputation will throw it all away over his bruised ego. I do wish he would use this as a learning experience instead of lashing out in ways he can't take back.

The educators who walked out showed wisdom - not weakness! You can disagree w a presenters method and it can be simply that - a disagreement. To throw it into "teachers don't care about kids" nonsense is just that - nonsense. For a seasoned professional to move on to fingerprinting and name calling because someone disagrees w them shows an immaturity that really does disappoint me from someone who should know better.

Anonymous said...

Funny how he has presented to teachers all over the state it wasn't until wise county did anyone feel obligated to walk out. The teachers who walked out should have to take a personal day.

Anonymous said...

Here is his calendar. It appears he has a small speaking position from 7:30 to 8:45 on Sat. Oct 1st. He is not a featured speaker.

As to 4:56 - the teachers didn't take the rest of the day off - they went back to their campuses and worked on things in their room. It is up to Admin how teachers spend their day - BISD and DISD felt the teachers time would be better spent on campus.