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Hey, You Guys Were Mentioned In Our Semi-Weekly Paper

Not sure how I missed this. The guy that gave the Child Abuse Recognition Seminar (my label, not his) wrote a response to the negative reaction in the Messenger this week and mentioned the Best Blog Not To Win A Local Award in 2011.  But, sheesh, he did go on. He spent most of the time responding to comments in the blog and even identified them by time of posting. (i.e "anonymous at 4:41 p.m. wrote")  I guess he wrote a blog comment posted in a newspaper as an opinion piece.  This new media makes my head hurt.

I'm pretty much neutral on the whole issue, but I hated it when he used the "if it saves one life argument" at the end.   That never makes sense to me. It would save one life to have all cars built like a NASCAR, for us to be mandated to wear crash helmets, and, in the context of abuse, limiting a parent's contact with their child to times when it was being being remotely monitored by the government on video. All of those would save one life. Guaranteed. But they are all sacrifices that we as a society will not make.