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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • In separate instances this weekend, a stunt plane crashes to the ground and an "air walker" falls to his death while trying to go from a wing of a plane to a helicopter. Good Morning America graces us with video of both this morning. Kind of makes the show ironically titled today.
  • I don't think being a "wing walker" is a necessary craft in this world. 
  • Former Bridgeport/TCU footballer Colin Jones was drafted as a defensive back but has also been practicing as a wide receiver. I don't know if that is a good sign or bad. 
  • That first day of school is a big thing, isn't it?
  • Photo from the funeral of the Bridgeport child that was accidentally killed in a gun accident last week. (Facebook, so maybe limited access.) Edit: Available here and here.
  • Random jogging thoughts: (1) What are the chances of being mugged in the dark while running, (2) there was an assistant DA in Tarrant County who claimed that his sister was the "Central Park Jogger", (3) I wonder how many people remember the "Central Park Jogger" case. 
  • In the Paradise murder case, the Messenger reported over the weekend that the victim had been "positively identified" but that the name was being withheld until next of kin could be contacted. I would think that would have been done by now. 
  • Can't remember the name of the new comedy which is being promo'd by some lady saying, "Why do guys wear a jersey when they watch a football game? That's be like me watching CSI dressed up as a dead hooker." 
  • In San Francisco, you can take your family to an NFL game and try to avoid two separate shootings in the parking lot and a man beaten unconscious in the bathroom. Sheesh. Here's the brawl in the stands during the game. (Video.)
  • Next we'll be seeing a gunfight breaking out in a soccer game in Mexico. (Video.)
  • Our new dryer is right out of Idiocracy. It doesn't have a timer on it -- you just set it to "dry" or "less dry" or "more dry" and it stops when it is finished.
  • If you saw the biggest baby in the world do a faceplant off of a couch this weekend while his sisters(?) dance in front of him, then you probably saw one of the most bizarre videos ever. I don't even feel comfortable linking to it. 
  • Lindsay Lohan and her momma do not look like Lindsay Lohan and her momma.
  • The Decatur ISD Superintendent was quoted in the Amarillo paper saying the Texas legislature did not have the "political will" to deal with the budget crisis. 
  • I saw a commercial for a big budget movie last night called Contagion which looks a lot like Outbreak. (And did the latter really need that helicopter chase scene?)
  • The Messenger's site is loading slowly, isn't it?
  • After being beaten senseless for month, the Rebel Force in Libya had a cakewalk into the capital city over the weekend and took it over. I kept thinking it was set up for an ambush, but maybe I'm wrong. 
  • #34, here is your fifteen minutes of fame: