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"Most Eligible: Dallas"

You won't hate them because they're beautiful, you'll just hate them.

I'm not saying you should watch this show, but you've got to watch this show on the Bravo Channel.  These are real Dallas hipsters that (1) are either acting like [expletive deleted] or (2) are actually [expletive deleted]. It's almost impossible to explain.

However, a pretty funny review (almost a running description) is here.

But I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the guy in the blue shirt is for University of Texas quarterback Matt Nordgren. (He was the guy who sat on the sideline while Major Applewhite brought the UT program from the dead and then watched Chris Simms try to kill it again. For you stat guys, he completed 8 passes in four years.)

The woman in the long red dress, Tara Harper, is somehow in the Dallas 10 Most Beautiful Women competition over at D Magazine.

A Dallas restaurant's sentiment of the characters is expressed below: