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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a bizarre storm in Decatur last night with quite a few downed branches around town. And a lot of people are still without electricity. (Well, at least one of our staff members is without electricity so I consider that to be an adequate sample of the population.)
  • Mark Cuban at a urinal holding the trophy. What?
  • Journalism? WBAP does a quick story on the value of Mavericks memorabilia so they get a sound bite from an owner of a Dallas memorabilia store. Hmmmm. I wonder what he will possibly say?
  • My wheels were completely off this weekend. It doesn't happen very often, and I hate it when it happens.
  • Decatur's quarterback has a recruitment video.
  • A guy in Fort Worth allegedly got drunk at a topless club and then killed four teenagers in a wreck way  back in 2005. So the bar gets sued and finally gets to trial last week. Responsibility? 35% bar/65% driver.  Really?
  • Lawyers quote that jumped out at me: "These guys are so cheap and so greedy, they don't even buy insurance to protect the public."  Translated: "I may never collect on this verdict."
  • Quote #2: "[My clients are happy] the jury said, 'Alcohol dealers -- drug dealers -- you're partly responsible for this.'" Drug dealers? 
  • The WBAP traffic gal actually said this morning, "A family truckster is broken down on  . . . . " I wonder if that was mine that I sold? 
  • A lot of people on criminal court dockets seem to have unexpected car trouble on the morning they are supposed to appear.
  • Hey, I'm happy to see Michelle Bachmann enter the GOP presidential race. I need material.
  • Pretty funny picture of the guns being recovered by the diver at Lake Bridgeport yesterday. 
  • There's still a safe out in the lake they found which is 50 yards off shore and 20 feet deep. Highway 380 will probably be shut down for a bit today so they can fish it out. 
  • DPS has been awfully quiet since its "shootout with the cartel" last week.  Turns out the whole thing was over marijuana that some guys were trying to get to the Mexican side of the Rio Grande by a raft. Edit: To the commentor who question me about the marijuana going into Mexico, use something called "Google". 
  • I kept seeing the reference to an Australian reporter telling a joke to the Dalai Lama so I finally watched it. It was pretty funny (the interviewer reminds me of Andy Bernard from The Office.)
  • Edit: Most offensive political ad in the history of ever.