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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Still no official news story about it, but it appears a couple got into an argument and a man jumped to his death off the balcony of the Love Shack in the stockyards in Fort Worth yesterday. (Photo of balcony.) Now that's irony. 
  • On a lighter note, I heard that's a good place to eat. 
  • The Aggies and Longhorns both make the college world series. Dallas Baptist, which had a good story going, got knocked out by California. 
  • There is a Tarrant County trial that started yesterday which deals with some gruesome facts concerning alleged murders in Kennedale. Nevertheless, I'm not sure why the prosecutor needed an hour for an opening statement. I'm not sure I've ever seen a judge that would allow it. 
  • The Older Kid in the House was delivered at band camp yesterday. I think mom is realizing the goodbyes from a 13 year old aren't the same as they used to be. Uh oh. 
  • Add "Hard 8 BBQ" to the following restaurants in Roanoke: Babe's Chicken Dinner House, Twisted Root Burger Co., Classic Cafe, Prairie House, Tortilla Flats and Gerhard's.
  • There is a bizarre case going on where the sheriff of Winkler County, Texas is facing criminal charges for retaliation against a couple of whistleblower nurses. If you are in the legal or medical profession, you'd probably be fascinated by it. It was also the subject of last week's radio show, This American Life. Good stuff.
  • If you want to beat on me for my Mavs prediction, you should really jump on Morning News columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor. Check out what he had written here (about 75% of the way down.)
  • At a Tea Party rally in Austin on Saturday, one speaker said that Texas won't pass illegal immigration legislation because there are "too many Hispanics" in the legislature and that needs to change. Oh, my. I wonder how the Hispanic leader of the Bridgeport Tea Party feels about that? (But, man, that audio is horrible.)
  • A north Fort Worth strip club, a stabbing, a bouncer, and a dead patron does not sound like a good scene. And the place looks seedy.
  • Dale Hansen went off last night on how it's a little silly to call the Mavericks the "world" champions. 


Anonymous said...

Hard 8 BBQ has always been one of my favorite destinations. The smoke flavor gets deeper into the meat than allowed in other BBQ places. I think Risky's BBQ in the Stock Yards should be up there, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my is right! On the horizon is a Harvard educated, photogenic Hispanic who will run for governor and the days of the "angry white man" will be over in Texas regardless of how hard they try to gerrymander the lines.

May it come sooner than later.

Tater Salad said...

Been to Hard 8 in Stephenville. Pretty good, esp the free beer.

Main Stage is one helluva place. Just carry a knife, And an extra $20 for a gummer....

Anonymous said...

Love Shack = good name, mediocre food.

Anonymous said...

What, no words of scorn for Michele Bachmann and her bid for the GOP race? Sounds like you libs may have some real competition now!

epic said...

" I think mom is realizing the goodbyes from a 13 year old aren't the same as they used to be."

Tell Mrs. LL that it just means she's done an excellent job of raising a secure, independent young lady. Then hold her hand while she cries!

Anonymous said...

Strips clubs show up in industrial areas in Ft Worth. They are bad news for all concerned. the stripers are drug addicts that take the money of hard working men who probably need to be spending their money on their kids instead of booze and nekked women.

Anonymous said...

Dale Hansen is a douche. Skippy, you and him should get along real well.

wordkyle said...

When I watched the video of the "too many Hispanics" remarks, I was chagrined at how stupid someone can be. Then I saw the very sparse crowd and thought Tea Party? It turns out that it was not a "Tea Party" event at all, but one rally among many held in Austin about a very specific piece of legislation regarding "sanctuary cities." (See the story here.) So to label her remarks as being part of a Tea Party event is incorrect.

One blogger said it very well: "You aren't going to see fewer Hispanics in Texas government, you are going to see more of them. Rather than cast a net that looks rather racist, why not work within the Hispanic community and identify like minded citizens who agree with conservative principles?"

Triple Fake... said...

It's nice that the hot gals in today's random pic are not embarassed to be seen with their mom

Picture me doing my imitation of Otter, from Animal House, while pointing to the Mavs and mouthing the words "...not world champions?!?"
Dale, buddy, c'mon. You can make the case that the USA cannot field a team of world champion soccer or hockey players. But name any nation on this planet that can produce an entire team capable of taking our best in a seven game series.
You could also make the case that the Mavs actually are the world champions because they've culled some of the best foreign players. It's an American team with a dash of Old World flavor

Jarhead said...

Agree with 08:53.

Love Shack is mediocre at best. OOOO! A fried quail egg on top of my burger!

Big effing deal.

Drive the couple extra blocks to M&O Station for a good burger.

Stick to Lonesome Dove, Tim.

Anonymous said...

Roanoke gets a Hard Eight BBQ, Rhome taxpayer takes the "Hard 8" in the shorts to the tune of $831.00 for signs that their Police Department say are useless.

txtrigger said...

Love Shack is kind of the fast food version of Lonesome Dove. They use the same quality meat for the burgers as Lonesome Dove. (Both owned by Tim Love) But, it is really, just burgers and dogs. Go down to listen to some live music, and have a beer and burger. Most don't go there JUST to eat. Next door is White Elephant, which is one of the longest standing bars in Ft. Worth. Worth a look, but expect it to be smokey.

Arthur said...

BG, Jean Jacque Taylor is a classic tOSU dumbass. I avoid his columns in Dallas' Only Daily. I prefer columnists who stake a bold claim but own up when they're proven wrong. Jennifer Floyd Engel is one of those. The great Jim Reeves and Gil LeBreton are two others. Randy Galloway is a parody of himself mailing it in so he doesn't count.

Unfortunately, Hansen has a valid point so I must not be feeling good. I'd like to see the NBA champions, runners up and the losing semifinalists play in a tournament similar to European soccer's Champions League. It'll never happen but it would be interesting.

Dallas Baptist is a good tale but you undersell the Cal Baseball story. Check out the WSJ link:

Anonymous said...

Once a kid turns 13 years old, a parent should feel luck that he/she can acknowledge a parent, much less say goodbye.

janneba said...

Man dies after jump off

restaurant balcony

FORT WORTH -- Police are investigating the possible suicide of a man who witnesses said jumped Monday morning from a balcony at the Love Shack, a popular outdoor restaurant in the Stockyards.

Witnesses told police that the man ran up to the balcony, got on a table and, facing the street, jumped and struck his head on the concrete floor below. He was pronounced dead at 11:30 a.m., according to the Tarrant County medical examiner's office.

The restaurant, in the 100 block of East Exchange Avenue, was closed the rest of the day. Owner Tim Love issued this statement: "Today, just before opening of business, an unidentified male entered the Stockyards location of the Love Shack. He apparently accessed an upper balcony level of the establishment and jumped to his death. We are focused on full cooperation with the authorities regarding this terrible tragedy and the subsequent ongoing investigation. Our sincere condolences go to his family."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Jarhead oughta know fatty boy food.....he looks like a thumb!!

Anonymous said...

Another day, another anti-Dallas sports comment(s). *yawn*

At least this was a different spin on the always-disparaging remarks. Of course, there are seldom (if any) positive comments you post. Positive Dallas sports comments are roundly castigated by you.

Barry, I (we) enjoy the Dallas teams because they entertain us, which is the sole purpose of professional sports. I don't worship them, nor do I spend exhorbitant amounts of money on them (hard to do out here in West Texas).

By now, we all understand that you are NOT entertained by them. That's fine. But why do you always go out of your way to demean not only them, but those of us who enjoy them?

Makes your blog not nearly as fun to read...

Gern Blansten

Not from Louisiana said...


Isn't the goal of a successful democracy to have as many people as possible participate--regardless of party or political philosophy?

Anonymous said...

It was the "conservative principles" that contributed to Mexico's economic retardation.

wordkyle said...

1049 - If by "participate" you mean "vote," then one goal of a successful democracy -- which the United States is not; we're a republic -- is to have as many legal participants participate as possible, regardless of party or political philosophy.

If you're referring to my quote above, it has nothing to do with establishing a democracy.

1120 - Not sure how you arrive at that conclusion. Care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Please explain 11:20

Anonymous said...

Yes 11:20 do explain.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:20, no need to explain--I don't give a red rat's ass.

Anonymous said...

11:20...if a rock falls from your truck and breaks my windshield.... you will pay for it again,

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows strippers are smu coeds working their way through school. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

Watched the Republican debate last night. Being a progressive Democrat I was greatly encouraged by that field of candidates!
Uncle Wally

Anonymous said...

Progressive Dem equals dumbass.

Progressive Dem equals "Please give me something that I do not have to work for."

I pity you, but only for your personal failings. Your parents must have done you a huge dis-service.

Anonymous said...

3 yes and one no = duck face

Anonymous said...


I have worked for every dime I have. Don't owe a cent to anyone.
Paid my own insurance all my life.
My personal savings are my retirment. Served my country when it called. There has been no "give me" in my philosophy

My parents were Democrats, and I am as well. If lucky, my children will continue to be.

Perhaps you paint with too broad a brush

Anonymous said...

How about those Decatur Eagles?

Anonymous said...

4:58, Thanks for your service to our country. Doesn't it chap your ass that the Democratic party that you so proudly belong to stands against everything you do? You probably did work for every dime but the government takes about thirty percent of it to give to those that won't work. You must be very proud of that fact. I'm not.

Anonymous said...

The sheriff in Winkler County was found guilty. The This American Life episode was fantastic. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

How about that Howard Stern? - DF pig vomit

Anonymous said...

You need a lesson, here it is.
That 30% you mention doesn't exactly go to people that don't work. Check this out:
Uncle Wally

$608 billion (+4.5%) - Social Security
$386 billion (+5.2%) - Medicare
$209 billion (+5.6%) - Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
$324 billion (+1.8%) - Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending
$261 billion (+9.2%) - Interest on National Debt
Discretionary spending: $1.114 trillion (+3.1%)
$481.4 billion (+12.1%) - Department of Defense
$145.2 billion (+45.8%) - Global War on Terror
$69.3 billion (+0.3%) - Department of Health and Human Services
$56.0 billion (+0.0%) - Department of Education
$39.4 billion (+18.7%) - Department of Veterans Affairs
$35.2 billion (+1.4%) - Department of Housing and Urban Development
$35.0 billion (+22.0%) - Department of State and Other International Programs
$34.3 billion (+7.2%) - Department of Homeland Security
$24.3 billion (+6.6%) - Department of Energy
$20.2 billion (+4.1%) - Department of Justice
$20.2 billion (+3.1%) - Department of Agriculture
$17.3 billion (+6.8%) - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
$12.1 billion (+13.1%) - Department of Transportation
$12.1 billion (+6.1%) - Department of the Treasury
$10.6 billion (+2.9%) - Department of the Interior
$10.6 billion (-9.4%) - Department of Labor
$51.8 billion (+9.7%) - Other On-budget Discretionary Spending
$39.0 billion - Other Off-budget Discretionary Spending