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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: Repeat picture? No way. 
  • If aliens had landed this week, a huge question mark would form over their heads when they saw the  the riots in Vancouver and the parade in Dallas.  "Explain to us again what you are so emotional about?" 
  • It's amazing there were only three arrests in Dallas.
  • "There sure aren't any lawns in Dallas being mowed right now." - The Ticket's Gordon Keith's (fake) claim of what Fox 4's Mike Doocy said off the air during the parade.
  • The picture of the couple "making out" (if that's what you kids are calling it these days) during the Vancouver riot sure is getting a lot of play. (And then some claim to have evidence that it was staged while others say it is real but not what it appears to be.)
  • Haven't watched a lot of the Casey Anthony trial, but I have seen enough to know the defense lawyer might have thought about the word "strategy" at some point.
  • Is Charlie Sheen still alive?
  • Diamondback fan pries a baseball away from mildly hot woman. (I think she gets it back when he drops it.) 
  • Obscure sports broadcasting name that I haven't heard about in a long time: Van Earl Wright
  • "It's Friday. Friday. Gotta Get Down on Friday," has been pulled off youtube. That song is a big player in my house. 
  • ESPN has begun promoting the debut of its Longhorn Network.  ESPN has an inherent conflict of interest here, don't they?  They are paying UT a fortune to produce the network, so they want UT to succeed so they can sell advertising. But if there happens to be a scandal break out at the Empire, it would be in ESPN's best interest to not report it. 
  • Gov. Perry has 1,170 bills on his desk that he must sign or veto before a Sunday deadline. (And he'll be going to New Orleans on Saturday to give a speech.) I'm sure he'll give careful deliberation to each one.  Edit: I'll be. A bill will become law in Texas unless the governor vetoes it. I had no idea. 
  • A panel on the Fifth Circuit ruled this week that illegal immigrants do not have a Second Amendment right because that particular amendment gives the right to bear arms only to "the people." Where else does the phrase "the people" appear? In the Fourth Amendment which protects against illegal searches and seizures. Chances Wise County supports the decision: More than 98%.
  • Aurora is having a fundraiser this weekend for its ballpark with an appearance by a special guest: Ned The Alien from the 1897 spaceship crash. Now this, I like. Who has a picture? And kudos for generically naming him "Ned".