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Guy Didn't Make It To Plea This Afternoon

Not Actual Arrest Team But I Hope It's Close

I've seen a photograph of it (I'm trying to get a copy) of a guy arrested on the courthouse square in Decatur around noon today after he was seen sprawled out on the sidewalk with a 40 ounce nearby.

Turns out he was (allegedly) drunk and arrested for Public Intoxication.  The same man was set to plead guilty in court at 1:00 p.m. and was to receive an eight year prison sentence. I don't think he made it.


Rusty said...

About nine years ago, I was doing a plea for my former boss. Client was being sentenced to eight years in the pen (not his first rodeo). Client was a no show. I got a call to come back the next week to do the plea since client was now in custody. When I got there, he was scraped up and generally beat to heck. I asked what happened, and he told me and the Court that he went to the bar the night before the plea to celebrate his last night of freedom. On his way home, he drunkenly fell off of his bicycle right in front of two cops; he was promptly arrested for PI.

Anonymous said...

Skippy, Did you give him your card?

Anonymous said...

were there any negroes involved..?

Anonymous said...

I was walking down the road at Reunion one night and farted too loud by Rex on his 4 wheeler and the next thing I knew I was tased and confused and on my way to the pokie.

Anonymous said...

Rex on a 4 wheeler. Your tax dollars at work.