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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A judge up at the courthouse was pretty funny yesterday when he expressed reservation about issuing a warrant for those who didn't show up for a morning docket. You know, that Rapture thing.
  • I checked in on the Mavs with about five minutes left in the game last night and they were getting killed. That couldn't have possibly changed
  • That Joplin tornado was horrible. But the local media was promoting fear this morning in its wake: NBC 5's Kim Fischer was at the Ballpark In Arlington reporting on what "officials" were doing to protect tonight's crowd in light of the "dangerous" weather they would see.
  • I could have sworn she said that the game starts at 7:05 and the storms were expected around 7:00, but I'm not believing my ears until I hear a replay.
  • Overslept this morning and I hate that. Was awakened to the weird alarm on Mrs. LL's cell phone that is the sound of a thunderstorm. (And then it asks you to solve a math problem before it will shut off.)
  • I'm sure you saw that Troy Aikman is putting his Highland Park mansion on the market for $27 24 million. It seems like he bought pricey property adjacent to it and put improvements on it as well. (I think Deoin Sander's Prosper home was on the market for $21 million but never sold.)
  • Had to go to the Wise County Jail jail yesterday and noticed a young girl who had just been released. She was trying to find out where she could sign a statement saying another girl who was still in jail, "Had nothing to do with it, and shouldn't have to post bond to be released." Girl, it ain't that easy.
  • Odd story: Family members call Fort Worth police after a woman threatens suicide. Cops arrive at her home and she "walks" towards them with scissors so officers shoot and kill her. Please tell me there is more to this story. 
  • A new prison sits empty near Anson but officials are hopeful that they can get prisoners from  Bridgeport since the private prison there has a contract that is expiring. (I have no idea if that means it won't be renewed or they hope it won't be renewed.)
  • I can never hear the name of  Anson without thinking of the phrase "No Dancin' In Anson" -- a product of a real life Footloose-like controversy there in 1987.
  • I promise I'm on the lookout for "Why Was She Suspended" news about Melinda Reaves but the Inkernet is silent -- other than she was at Casa Torres on Friday.
  • Rare Lindsay Lohan pool appearance
  • Someone on WBAP's morning team ("Sean"?) said this at 8:09 a.m. this morning in reference to the death of Macho Man Randy Savage last week in a car wreck : "You know how they got him out of his car? They had to use a Slim Jim." Wow. (In case you didn't know, Savage used to promote the "Slim Jim" snack.)