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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It's one thing to be involved in a hit and run, it's another when the victim was in a wheelchair. (But I'm not sure what a 50 year old woman is doing out in her wheelchair at 3:00 in the morning in Dallas).
  • Dang Mavericks. But I wish I had seen Mark Cuban's post game celebration and his proclamation of, "There are 20,000 people in this building who believed in us when no one else did." Well, make that about 5% of that number who would have bet money they go back to the Finals. And that number might be high.
  • As unpredictable as it is that the Mavericks are in the Finals, the Rangers making the World Series is a far more shocking accomplishment.
  • And I still can't get past the on-the-street fan interview when they proclaim, "I knew we could do it!", "We played fantastic tonight!", "We're coming after ya Miami!" We? 
  • Mrs. LL last night: "I thought basketball was over." That was just a dream, baby.
  • The Hangover 2 plot looks exactly like the first one. They can't do that, can they?
  • And to support my continuing thesis that there are no real movies made anymore: There will be 27 sequels released this year -- an all time record.
  • The Prada Shops in Decatur are holding a "Grand Opening."  What am I missing? That place has been there for years.
  • I've got a feeling that girl above is a repeat.
  • I'm proud to say that this morning that not only do I not know who won American Idol last night, but I can't name the two finalists.
  • The Second Grader In The House Softball Season is over. I'm proud of myself for not saying a word when the coach yells at the girl to "Get the force at home!" when the bases are loaded. Yeah, that's technically the correct strategic play but the chances of an 8 year old girl cleaning fielding a ball, making a dead on throw to home, and the catcher catching that ball with her foot on the plate before the runner gets there has a success probability rate of about 3%.
  • Then again, the Mavs made the Finals. 
  • I've probably only seen a handful of Oprah episodes over the years, but her interview of a Texas DWI victim whose burned and disfigured face became a DPS poster was one of them. (That girl made the list of "Oprah's Favorite Guests.")  I remember her as being very honest. She wasn't a peppy "I'm going to make the best of it" kind of girl at all. Even after 12 years, she seemed understandably bitter, angry, and in despair.
  • Of all ways to make money, bake sales seem a little dubious. I would like to see a picture of the persons kitchen before I buy any food made there.
  • Ok, Ok, President Obama screw-ups while overseas: He signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey and dated it "2008". Then he continued to say a toast for the Queen even though protocol says to be quiet once "God Save The Queen" begins to play.
  • The defense in the Casey Anthony trial is bizarre if it is not true: The child drowned in the back pool, her dad was there and blamed her, so she panicked and didn't tell authorities. (I think I just heard Nancy Grace scream in the back of my brain.)
  • The Fort Worth Court of Appeals is here today hearing oral arguments out at the Civic Center. [Edit: lunch at Civic Center; Court held in district court] They do that about once every five years or so. If I told you it would be boring to watch them, I think they would agree.