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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • My flower bed reconstruction update: Have you every tried to level a row of limestone bricks? Threading a needle is far easier and takes less precision.
  • The Family Cat update: Still mean and stupid. And she still looks at me like she's thinking, "Who are you?"
  • While watching the Second Grader in the House's softball game over the weekend, I witnessed a legitimate and well executed Triple Play. (She wasn't involved.) Runners on second and  third. Pop up to third baseman. Caught. (One.) Runner at third took off too soon so third baseman quickly steps on bag. (That's two.) Then the runner on second (we're talking Second Grade again) got confused and ran towards third where she was tagged out. (That's three.) 
  • I don't think a single player on the field understood what had just happened. 
  • The cutest part was the runner going into third was tagged standing up and right in the chest (by a big girl) which caused her to go flying backwards and land on her back (she's ok). The cute part is that the girl who tagged her broke into tears because she thought she had hurt her. 
  • One final softball note: Somehow I've become the unofficial/official box score keeper, and I suddenly became the center of attention on Sunday when everyone surrounded me when a "Was that really the third out?" controversy erupted. Somehow I had the final say. I'm not used to that. 
  • I saw the footage Friday of a Mesquite Baptist preacher getting booked in to jail at West Virginia after allegations of sexual assault of a woman he met in a bar. Last night the news reported he had hung himself while in jail
  • Another guy who killed himself over the weekend was the composer of the what-a-beating song, "You Light Up My Life." (And, based upon the article, that guy's life was a mess.)
  • I don't think "Hey, Now" does justice to Bar Refaeli on a boat.
  • Tornado Insanity: 89 and counting were killed in Missouri yesterday from one (coming on the heels of the one that killed over 350 in Alabama and other Southern states earlier this month.) Photos.
  • The annual Arizona State "Undie Run." (Thanks, Steve.)
  • I'm still waiting for my predicted Mavericks playoff collapse, but I'm getting worried. 
  • I think I got my haircut Friday by a gal who really needed to be somewhere else.
  • The Onion ran a story about Planned Parenthood building an "Eight Billion Dollar Abortionplex." Those not understanding that the The Onion is a parity*  site (and those who probably believe those Nigerian emails are true), were not pleased.  [Edit: Let the dogpile continue. But, of course, since the site levels the playing field for all news media, it technically could be a parity site.]
  • I was going to go with the cover of the Star-Telegram today because I think they greatly over estimate how much we care about The Colonial golf tournament.
  • But I went with one from Missouri: