Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Slowly dawned on me that the metroplex will be home to the World Series, a Super Bowl, and the NBA Finals in about a seven month period. I suppose there's someone who bought tickets to all three.
  • Went to a luncheon yesterday out at the Civic Center for a reception for the Court of Appeals. They told us about how hard they work and how fair they are. (And the Decatur Civic Center gets a thumbs up.)  Edit: In the mail this morning was a handwritten note from Justice Sue Walker thanking us for our hospitality. Thumbs up to her. 
  • Kind of lost in the news this week was the Fort Worth railroad worker who lost both legs and an arm in a work accident.
  • Not sure who Sasha Jackson is, but she's a "Hey, Now."
  • I end up announcing the time in my house like a public address announcer a lot. (i.e. "("9:14! 9:14!") 
  • A news story about a homeowner who shot a teenager in Fort Worth trying to pry open a window had the Tarrant County DA tell a reporter that the self defense laws about home protection are "complicated." Actually, the laws are so vague there's almost no law at all. With words like "reasonable force" scattered throughout, it's basically whatever a jury thinks is justified.
  • Failing the TAKS test will prevent 22,578 Texas seniors from receiving their diploma. I wonder what percentage of those just give up. 
  • Just found out about a 1991 movie called Rush which is based upon dirty undercover drug cops in Tyler in the last 1980s. Actually, it's based upon the book by the same name which was written by one of the dirty cops. I was surprised to find it for free On Demand on my TV system.
  • Construction workers are putting on a new roof on the building beside my office. I could have sworn I heard one yell yesterday, "I gotta go peepee."
  • Provisions of the Patriot Act were renewed late last night. For as much as everyone gripes about it, it never gets repealed. 
  • They have "select" softball teams for Second Graders? Somehow that just sounds expensive.
  • Lawyer in small claims court objects because the opposing paralegal's breasts are distracting. (I'm getting old, because I was more interested in why in the world there were three lawyers and one paralegal in a small claims court case.)
  • Heat in six.
  • Tony Romo gets married this weekend on Saturday. Is it rude to have a wedding smack dab in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend? (Side note: What does "smack dab" mean?)
  • Don't ya just love this quote from the Romo Wedding planner: “They’re just really neat people so I think the party is going have an effervescent feel to it,” Todd Fiscus told CBSDFW.com. “We did lots of man food. I have a lot of football players to feed.”
  • Meet Todd Fiscus. (I'm going to talk my law partner into re-creating that photo near the bottom for a new law firm brochure.)
  • Deferred adjudication for first time Texas DWI offenders in now a dead proposition. We never go back to reasonableness because lawmakers never want to be painted as "soft on crime."
  • Guaranteed to get your office workers to stop and look at you: "47 Of Maria Sharapova’s Grunts In Her Second-Round French Open Win."