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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Opened my sock drawer yesterday and looked down to see the Family Cat. She looked at me like I was intruding. 
  • The Cowboys released their 2011 schedule yesterday with the big storyline being they would play in New York on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 in a nationally televised evening game on NBC.  Unfortunately, I bet that game never happens due to the current lockout.
  • Note to local sports talk shows: Going through the new schedule and saying "I predict win" after every game is a tired bit. (Greg Williams did it on The Fan at around 6:05 p.m. and then Mike Rhyner did it on The Ticket about ten minutes later. I'm sure Randy Galloway did it on ESPN Radio but there's no way I'm listening.)
  • Edit: Deleted reference to fire investigation and fund raiser. Different fires.
  • It will make you nervous, but is an amazing budget/finance site. It actually sucks in data from your credit card and bank accounts in order to track and categorize every purchase. Throw in a couple of automatically created pie charts and suggested budgeting, and it's pretty cool. 
  • I still wonder how all the hotels in Decatur stay in business.
  • The history of 420. (That sentence either caused immediate acknowledgement or a question mark to form over your head.)
  • While the Messenger first ignored the proposed creation of the new legislative Texas house district 88, it has now gone crazy with nicknames for it: First it was the "Great 88" (dumb) to "Crazy 88" (A Kill Bill reference?) to now "The Dairy Queen District" (an obvious Liberally Lean trademark infringement.)
  • There was a 50 car pile up in Arlington yesterday blamed on the sun reflecting off the wet pavement. I'm surprised you don't see more of that.
  • Mavericks are up 2-0.  I'm still not convinced they win this series and, as I predicted before the season, they definitely won't get out of Round Two. 
  • Lots of bottled water and supply drives being held to benefit the firefighters to our west. I bet they'll be overstocked if they aren't already. (Palo Pinto isn't Haiti.)
  • Bridget Marquardt is still a Hey, Now.
  • "Denton Mayor Mark Burroughs’ law firm will collect the city’s delinquent property taxes for at least another year." That seems wrong. .
  • After three years of use, I think the iPhone is a technological marvel. (And the Droid has already become what Windows was to the Apple operating system.)
  • Edit: University of Texas female rugby player dies after injuries sustained in game (although it wasn't a UT game.)