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Baby News

Texas Ranger Colby Lewis skips the series with the Yankees to be with wife:

NBA player Shane Battier must have won a playoff game yesterday, but skipped the birth:

And I heard Messenger editor Brian Knox and wife just became parents to a 10 pounder. Yep. 10 pounds. Congrats. (No word yet whether Brian was out playing sports.)

(See what I did here? I'd post the baby pic if I had one)


Anonymous said...

ten pounds
yer a real pip, edith

Anonymous said...

Let's all think Banjo and be happy!

Anonymous said...

Which NBA player has the most illegitimate children?

Calvin Murphy has 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women.

Shawn Kemp has 13 illegitimate children by 9 women but some claim that the figure could be higher.

Seems that they found an excuse to take a day off....

Rev. Horton

Anonymous said...

Great visual pun--couldn't have done better (or worse) myself!

Anonymous said...

Colby Lewis = puss, loser punk.

Shane Battier = winner

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Brian and wife! You have many exciting and fun years ahead with your child!