Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Just like Madonna got in trouble with the Catholic Church for Like A Prayer, now the Catholics are upset with Lady Gaga for her song "Judas" to be released over Easter.  Her and Donald Trump should hook up  - they are PR machines.
  • But the song's reference to "Even after three times, he betrays me" indicates she has Disciple Confusion.
  • Fox News had a priest on this morning who opined that Lady Gaga was "crying out" because of the songs. If that's his belief, I'm glad he's not my spiritual advisor. 
  • Nothing like getting a text From Mrs. LL while driving home saying that we have had a "plumbing incident" but she's "close to having it under control."  Let's just say that I walked in and realized "ceiling" and "water" were involved. #headslap
  • She explained that it all began with spiders in the backyard followed by panic followed by clothes thrown in the sink with water running over them. I'm not sure I heard all of it because I was staring at the ceiling. 
  • Jim Carrey is in the season finale of The Office? Are they trying to ruin the legacy of a good sitcom? (But it sounds like there will be a ton of cameos from big name stars so hopefully he won't be on screen very long.) 
  • Shakira watching a soccer match is a blueprint for all girls who wish to be sports fans. If a guy isn't jazzed by that, he's unjazzable™. (Yep, just trademarked a new word.)
  • The Family Cat (yep, pic) is now post surgery, groggy, and has one of those goofy inverted half cones around her neck to keep her from chewing out her stitches. 
  • News broke this week that the iPhone tracks where you've been (which really doesn't seem that surprising) and some speculated that such technology could help solve crimes. I bet less than 2% of the cases I handle involve the issue of whether the defendant was at the scene of the crime. 
  • But it is kind of interesting on the issue of DWI -- could the police access data as to where the driver had been before the arrest?
  • I now see how most American families struggle financially. Households spend a lot of money, don't they? And I'm not talking about extravagant or frilly purchases. 
  • Six (mostly teenagers) were arrested in Florida after a 15 year old was lured by his ex-girlfriend and then ambushed and murdered. Man, that sounds like the plot of Bully (which was based both in Florida and on a true story.)
  • And one of the teenage defendant's lawyer had a sound bite on The Today Show this morning: "'Did he do it?' is a different question than 'can they prove it?' I don't even reach the question of 'did he do it?' - that's kind of a moral question."   He might take some heat on that but that guy knows exactly what he's doing. 
  • Even I'm tired of President Obama's pandering based upon current events. High gas prices? He promises to form a task force to investigate whether there is price gouging. Nuclear reactor melt down in Japan? He promises a safety check on every U.S. nuclear reactor.