I Finally Watched A Mavs Game

The Head Coach aka A Miserable Human Being
The Owner: The Beneficiary of Yahoo's Stupid Money

Mrs. LL is out shopping for an Easter dress (it's not going well -- something about dresses being made for "short people") so I found myself with a drugged cat, puppy in my lap, and cloudy skies. Might as well channel surf. Oh, the Mavs are on? I'll stay on the channel while I read a magazine.

Oh, my.

The Mavs were up by 23 (23!!!!!) and then lost the game 84-82 (getting outscored in the 4th Quarter 35-15).  Same old song.


Anonymous said...

they'll blow it. It's a given.

Anonymous said...

Jim Carrey.

And no American girl that hawt would dance with a D-bag Jew like that unless he has a billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

BG, I have criticized your comments on the Mavs before, but no longer....you nailed this one. Mavs are done!

Anonymous said...

That photo makes him look like the Russian "I has it" guy.