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I Finally Watched A Mavs Game

The Head Coach aka A Miserable Human Being
The Owner: The Beneficiary of Yahoo's Stupid Money

Mrs. LL is out shopping for an Easter dress (it's not going well -- something about dresses being made for "short people") so I found myself with a drugged cat, puppy in my lap, and cloudy skies. Might as well channel surf. Oh, the Mavs are on? I'll stay on the channel while I read a magazine.

Oh, my.

The Mavs were up by 23 (23!!!!!) and then lost the game 84-82 (getting outscored in the 4th Quarter 35-15).  Same old song.


Anonymous said...

they'll blow it. It's a given.

Anonymous said...

Jim Carrey.

And no American girl that hawt would dance with a D-bag Jew like that unless he has a billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

BG, I have criticized your comments on the Mavs before, but no nailed this one. Mavs are done!

Anonymous said...

That photo makes him look like the Russian "I has it" guy.