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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: Oops. Sorry for delay. Forgot to hit "publish". 
  • The hype for next week's Royal Wedding really hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. 
  • Helped try to hang curtains in a very small window last night. When the place is so cramped that you can't use a drill, it makes a simple job a beating. And the need to use a hack saw is always a bad sign. 
  • Speaking of: In cleaning out the garage last weekend, I learned I had three hack saws, two sets of bolt cutters, and five tape measures.
  • NBC 5's Jane McGarry big timed us last night on Twitter.
  • If you've seen the Exorcist, you'll probably giggle/be disturbed by this.
  • There's a viral video going around about a reporter with an awful runny nose. I'm not watching that. 
  • I heard that "the Flip" had been discontinued this week and thought they were talking about a flip phone. Nope. It was the Flip video camera that was purchased by Cisco less than two years ago for more than a half billion dollars. They even ran a Super Bowl Ad a couple of months ago. Odd. 
  • The Family Cat is at the cat hospital getting "fixed" right now. (Yep, we were a little slow in getting that done.)  Maybe that will give her an attitude adjustment in general as well as eliminate a severe personality change that occurred every three weeks that really creeped me out. 
  • The murdered Frisco fitness instructor case gets more tragic as we learn she had an eight year old autistic son and an ex-boyfriend is a "person of interest.
  • And I'll continue to point out that "person of interest" is a made up term in the last 15 years or so that has no legal meaning. It's simply a way for the media and law enforcement to refer to a suspect as something other than a suspect in order to avoid defamation issues. 
  • Probably the best collection of Texas wildfire photos here
  • Texas Rep. Kirk Watson was on the radio this morning promoting his bill that provides limited immunity for alcohol related crimes for minors if a person calls 911 to report possible alcohol poisoning of someone else. So a kid's buddy is dying and he's so morally bankrupt that he won't call in because he fears a $500 fine for Minor In Possession? And Watson thinks a law would change that? And how often does this happen anyway?
  • Fox News this morning teased a story on the Houston child who dropped a gun at school with a graphic that read "Kindergarten Justice?". It then teased a story on President Obama's use of Facebook with the question "Does that give him a dangerous advantage?"  Dangerous?
  • I think the new White House Press Secretary is the worst one in years. 
  • I was finally disappointed with an episode of Modern Family last week.