Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched The Bridge a while back - a documentary about suicides of people who jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge. With a survival rate of only 2%, a 16 year old girl is lucky after she jumped on Sunday.
  • I really don't see how high humidity plays a significant role in deterring wildfires.
  • There's a Burn Ban today in Wise County: Let me suggest that anyone dumb enough to create a fire outside today is too dumb to be aware of a Burn Ban.
  • I'm not certain it starts today, but a trial of a Wise County inmate who has made verbal outbursts at docket calls for the last few months is about to be tried. For months he wanted to represent himself but had a change of heart at the last minute. 
  • Upper 90s today? (Nope, it's no proof of global warming, but I wonder where the skeptics are that always post when it's an unseasonably cold day.)
  • Update on the Texas deputy killed yesterday: The victim was a part-time female deputy and the alleged shooter was a 21 year old inmate with mental issues. He was caught about an hour later. 
  • I dread my water bill and electricity bill if the weather doesn't change.(And did we really have to be recreating Antarctica when I walked in the door last night?)
  • President Obama kind of jumped on a local Channel 8 reporter yesterday. (It made USA Today, but doesn't seem to be that big of a deal.)
  • I've given her a chance, but I think Fox 4's Lauren Przybyl is to Good Day what Angela is to The Office. (Both went to Baylor, by the way.)
  • The headline all over the place yesterday was "45% of Americans Pay No Taxes." For a while, I thought that meant that 45% of Americans owed no additional taxes above their withholdings on tax day. But, nope, the story means no taxes.
  • Baylor cheerleaders in the pool. Hey, now. 
  • The stripper who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of rape has been arrested for murder
  • Easter and Mother's Day sure are close together this year.
  • Girl builds life sized Barbie --- with the exception of that small head, she's kind of hot.