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Deadspin (if I have to explain, stop reading) is after The Fan's Richie Whitt (ditto) for dogging Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis for missing his start in New York to see the birth of his second child. Lewis finally took the mound last night and got lite up.  Now Deadspin is trying to do the same to Whitt.

I wouldn't want Deadspin picking on me, but Whitt can't buy that much publicity. (Whitt's blog at the Dallas Observer is here and - trust me - no one has more haters in the comments that he does. Even I can't rival it.)

Edit: Richie's reply to the masses.


Anonymous said...

Ever listen to Whitt on The Fan? He makes Greg Williams seem intelligent(and that is extremely hard to do)

Just another narcissist who feels it is his duty to "explain" things to the rest of us. Only problem is he doesn't know anymore about anything than anyone else. He just has a forum and BSs his way through.

Anonymous said...

I am not a sports person at all (save that college golf stint, which some people would argue doesn't count), but I have to weigh in on this.

That Whitt character is straight-up ridiculous. Surely that was a publicity stunt? To summarize Whitt's argument, Lewis shouldn't have missed the game because 1) it's the second one (as if child two is less important due to rank order) and 2) it's not saying goodbye to someone like at a funeral, it's "simply saying hello to someone you'll see the rest of their life."

WHAT THE?!?! I don't know, maybe another good reason would be to support your wife, who wouldn't be in this predicament without him? Lemme tell you what, Whitt better thank his lucky stars he's not MY husband. Unpleasantness would certainly ensue.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, BG, do you have nothing to do all day but surf the web and listen to talk/sports radio? Who do you bill for all of those hours?

Anonymous said...

I agree Whitt sure has been in the media a lot lately.

Brad Watson

Anonymous said...

he needs ratings, and whos a** do suck more gordo or ritchie.

Anonymous said...

I believe the correct thing to say would be "He got LIT up."