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And You Think This Country Is Going To Make It?

The Internet is blowing up (slight overstatement, maybe) of a video of a "fight" in McDonalds where one girl gets savagely beaten. I've mentioned before how I despise these things (I really do), but I bet this will make every news network in the nation over the next few days. And it should until her attackers are arrested. Heck, I'll volunteer to be special prosecutor.

We are a violent, stupid nation.

And I'm the last person to yell "lawsuit" (despite the claims of those that don't know me), but the McDonald's employees bear some responsibility here. It's one thing for a fight to break out and to kick them out, but it's quite another to stand back and watch a girl get beaten. The only honorable person is an old lady who tries to stop it.

Video here. (Insert you own disclaimer.)

Edit: The comments are almost as over the top as the video.

Edit: We have an update as to what's happened with this story. (Thanks commentor.)

Edit: Wow. The guy that filmed the incident was a McDonald's employee. He has been fired.