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Clemson Fantasy Camp

Hey, I didn't watch all of this nor do I expect you to. I think it's a bunch of middle aged guys going to a fantasy camp where they pretend they are Clemson football players. Hey, if Baylor held one and promised me I would be awarded the Fantasy Heisman Trophy at the end of it, there's no way I'd take part in that silliness.

But I do want you to watch one part: Go to the 1:35 mark where the old men recreate running down the famed Clemson hill in the end zone onto the field. That guy looks like John Candy in Stripes when he's running out of control through the trail in the woods.


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Anonymous said...

Surely this is not for real! Sad thing is this is what NFL football will look like if they don't reach an agreement on the CBA soon.!

Danny Boy said...

Were their moms on the sideline with their teets ready to suckle on?

Anonymous said...

I would sooo do that

after partaking of a big ole doob.

Anonymous said...

This. Is. Very. Sad.