Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • National news review:(1) Obama announces he'll be lifting restriction on oil exploration for some coastal areas -- but I don't think "exploration" necessarily means "drilling", (2) A 15 year old in Massachusetts commits suicide possibly due to bullying, and (3) the SeaWorld death autopsy was relased.
  • Locally/Texas: (1) A municipal judge gets a felony DWI meaning it's his third or more, (2) the cutest little first grader chokes to death in Denton ISD, and (3) A 13 year old in Joshua commits suicide possibly because of bullying
  • Get ready for "bullying" to be the subject of every talk show, newscast, and magazine.
  • It's April Fools Day today so be on guard. And Google isn't nearly as clever on this day as it used to be.
  • I watched an old episode of Cops last night where six cops were running a sting operation busting people that were buying $5 of weed from an undercover officer. Idiocracy.
  • Speedway head Eddie Gossage and KCSC star Terry Dorsey should be ashamed of their stupid "name change" prank.
  • I started getting sick yesterday and went to bed at 8:00. But I woke up this morning in a sweat, and I think that's supposed to be a good thing. But I still feel lousy. Man, I value good health.
  • I have a recurring dream of one or more of my teeth falling out.
  • I saw an NBC 5 news story yesterday about losing weight eating Taco Bell's low fat menu which was absolutely a commercial disguised as a news story.
  • Katy Perry was in Cabo yesterday. Hey, now.
  • Before this week I had never heard of Erykah Badu. Now I'm sick of her.
  • Getting around the Harris County courthouse sounds like a beating.