Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a story last night where a respected prosecutor of DWI cases in Tarrant County was recommending that "deferred adjudication" become available for first time offenders. But as much as I appreciated that, I couldn't get past the local newscaster saying currently first time DWI defendants "just get jail time." Any one want to do a smidgen of research on that?
  • Saw former Cowboy Robert Newhouse on the news last night recovering from a stroke. Felt bad for him. 
  • Two things that drive me nuts: The annual "fried food" entries at the Texas State Fair and the national "air guitar" championships. Idiocracy.
  • Hot girl jumps around during Colts pre-season came. You're welcome. 
  • "Man In Short Shorts And Halter top Terrorizing Dallas Airport." You're welcome, again. 
  • And we saw the obligatory story on the local news last night about some kid who won't cut his hair for school. Get the scissors.
  • A Newsweek column last week pointed out, with the barrage of constant text messaging and Internet access, we are no longer ever "bored."
  • How do I get one of those "International Intelligence Agent" badges that the guy had who was arrested in Denton yesterday?
  • Football fans: Look at these career NFL records for field goal percentage. Wow, kickers used to be bad. (And you can spend hours at profootballreference.com)
  • The City of Decatur has a multi-page ordinance regulating business signs, but every month it seems like the City Council grants a variance. The newest one is to Wendy's. 
  • I've somehow won the position of making sure the household wakes up. I don't want that pressure. Edit: Well, I wake her up and then she wakes the kids up. 
  • The NFL is getting close to an 18 game regular season with two preseason games. The players' union needs to get their act together.