My Long Promised Weight Loss Chart

  • When my long time belt wouldn't fasten earlier this year, I panicked. 
  • I jog three or four times a week for at least 30 minutes but I had begun to cheat. Whataburger on Sunday? Yep. Bags of low fat Doritos? Yep. 
  • I'm a Nutrisystem fan so I went back to it.
  • The meals are small. Way too small. So I complimented every one with a salad, tomatoes, and fat free dressing. If I didn't do that, I'd die.
  • But look at that chart. Each bar represents one day and it covers three or four months. I weighed every day and immediately documented it. If you look closely, there are times where 10 days apart I handn't lost a pound. Look closely. That was incredibly disheartening. But just stay the course and it happens.
  • The chart track March through June. Have I kept it off? Yep. Health Choice TV dinners are my staple.