Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • 106? It's going to be 106 today?
  • It's the first day of school. Normally, I wouldn't have known. Boy, do I know it this year.
  • My favorite radio station reflected upon school years this morning: "It was like going to prison."
  • Texas high school preseason football brawl.
  • Rick Springfield is 61 today. Not sure of the age of Jessie's girl. (Rimshot)
  • There's an egg recall going on. I don't eat eggs. Ever.
  • We had our fantasy football draft on Friday evening -- with our own Vanna White. (There was a run on quarterbacks and I ended up with Jay Cutler. I'm in trouble.)
  • I've got a game room that was pretty much vacant for the last five years. No longer. As of this weekend, it's been resurrected: Furniture, new carpet, paint, TV.
  • Picked the Family Unit up at Love Field on Saturday night. I love Love Field. 
  • Sean Hannity had his spare "Freedom Concert" this weekend in Dallas and put on a cowboy hat to patronize those dumb enough to support him.
  • That Heidi Montag gal in a bikini. Hey, now
  • A 25 year old was death was listed in the Update this morning. I wonder what happened.
  • The parents of the Southlake "teen punished with babysitting" case were on the news over the weekend. That dad was weird. Very weird. 
  • At this time last year, the Rangers had the very same record.