Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure what I think about it: Channel 8 went after Southlake's new quarterback last night. They made it a lengthy lead story with the the issue being whether his family has technically moved to the town from Oklahoma. (I'm guessing the highlight was his dad being tracked down gassing up his boat in Oklahoma and throwing a bag of ice at a cameraman.)
  • And Southlake's athletic director reminded me of the nervous Martin Short skit from SNL when he was portrayed being interviewed by 60 Minutes. (I just looked that up and that's a 1984 reference. Good grief.)
  • Speaking of Short, his wife just died
  • Fox 4 Frenzy: They went bonkers at 5 and 6 about a "kidnapped" child from a Dallas elementary school. The story didn't make sense at all. At 10, they announced the child wasn't kidnapped at all -- just the victim of mistaken identity.
  • A marijuana case was tried in the County Court at Law in Decatur yesterday. Looked like the issue was whether the defendant actually lived in the house where the Devil's Lettuce was found.
  • That's four trials in the CCL in the last two weeks. I think the breakdown is two guilty verdicts, one acquittal and one directed verdict for the defendant (by a visiting judge.)
  • Enrollment at Chico ISD this fall is down almost 10%. Wow. 
  • Texas Rangers' financial statement released yesterday: They spend $234,000 a year on baseballs.
  • Beating: Waking up in the middle of the night, hearing wonderful rain, then hearing howling dog in the backyard caught in it. That caused me to stumble out of bed and pick the wet mutt up and put him temporarily in the garage.
  • While waiting on the school bus yesterday, some people looked at me like Chris Hansen on Dateline
  • While you slept: At least 46 killed in Iraq as bombs explode all over the country. (Flashback to "Mission Accomplished" photo.)
  • It's amazing that the skydiver who got caught on a Ranger Stadium light pole last night didn't get hurt.
  • John McCain won the GOP nomination for Senator last night in Arizona. Same verse, same as the first. No wonder "hope and change" sounds so good.