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Mayor Candidate Is Back: Proposes Marriage

(And, sheesh, guys. I was kidding about voting for him.)


Anonymous said...

You're wasting your time telling folks when you're kidding, big guy.
Two-thirds of them don't get it at all, and the other half don't have a sense of humor

The Chris Farley comparison is accurate, but the running character should be titled: "Mr. Inappropriate Moment"

Anonymous said...


Propagandist said...

You voted for Obama. How were we suppose to know you were kidding about voting for this spare?

Anonymous said...

don't kid w/ us , barry.

df the joker

just kiddn

Anonymous said...


Two-thirds and half add up too more than there is. Do you do the financial advice for the current President?

Anonymous said...

somebody's paying attention

but...more than there is of what?

Now I'm gonna get the English teachers involved.
Oh, man!

Anonymous said...

Good to know that ours aren't the only elections that are circuses.

The Donald said...

Please, make him go away now.