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Wow: Video Of Dallas Cop Last Night Who Got Drunk And Fired A Gun In Car

This is after it happened.
The Dallas Observer blog even has the video of the gun being discharged in the car (which isn't nearly as dramatic as you would think.) But, man, that off duty Dallas officer was DAAArunck.


Anonymous said...

Dayum!That chick had guns like popeye!She could shiver your timber!

Anonymous said...

First think that popped into my head is that Police officer went to bars with a gun on her. Isn't that prison time and punishable up to 10,000 dollars????

chupacabra said...

Dallas- what a cesspool. How has it not just imploded from sheer disgust?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you would think that public figures would lead more upstanding moral lives.

Anonymous said...

Bet that patrolman crapped his pants after she shot that round off.

Anonymous said...

Dashcams---Darn them.

What happened to the gold old days when everything wasn't recorded and you could 'have something' on a fellow officer for future use???????

Fake Sarcastic Dirty Harry