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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A BP executive met with President Obama yesterday and then met with the press afterwards where he proclaimed the company cared about the "small people" on the coast. That's a non-story despite everyone trying to make it a story.
  • I can't remember the last time I was in the Golden Triangle mall in Denton.
  • For some reason, I never watch ESPN's SportsCenter but I do like the Top Ten Plays Of The Day when I do.
  • Another sports note: Lakers coach/Zen Master Phil Jackson has never coached in a Game 7 in the NBA Finals (scheduled for tonight) despite winning ten championships.
  • There was a story making the rounds yesterday of a flight attendant taking over for a sick co-pilot and helping to land a commercial jet. I don't know anything about flying one of those things, but I suspect one could be landed without a co-pilot easily.
  • Michael Young became the Texas Rangers all time hit leader last night. And most of us couldn't pick him out of a lineup.
  • Watched a little bit of the new ESPN documentary on, primarily, the OJ Simpson car chase last night. It was fantastic. I had no idea there was audio of OJ while in the Bronco saying he had already said good bye to his kids and wanted to "do it" at his home.
  • Also Watched a little bit of a DUI case in Wise County yesterday. That's a Class C case (lowest level) where a minor was accused of driving after drinking yet not intoxicated. I'm not sure why it was being tried after watching most of it. (I didn't know the defense lawyer.)
  • One Dallas cop gives a drunk female Dallas off duty cop a ride home and a gun goes off in the police car. I bet that was a scene inside the car.
  • Lots of good sportzzzz this weekend: World Cup, College World Series, and the U.S. Open golf tournament.
  • Someone mentioned to me that this would be something great to add to my Bucket List: In four years the World Cup goes to Brazil.
  • This sounds like one horrific crash on I-35 in Fort Worth last night.


Anonymous said...

If that World Cup is in Rio, Barry, take your camera. The beach is unbelieveable! You would have first hand photos for the rest of your life on the blog. Tho many might not be printable.

Anonymous said...

Re the Dallas cop story:

Barry, was it a weapon or a gun that went off? Gunnery Sergeant Hartman wants to know. One is for fighting, one is for fun.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

If jets could be "easily" landed without a co-pilot, the airlines wouldn't be paying two guys to sit up there. You also have to consider takeoff, which may be even more difficult to do solo

Brazil? during World Cup competition? That sounds like pure insanity right there. Duct-tape your wallet to your chest, and always check for the oversized adam's apple
It's a man, baby!

Things to like about the current incarnation of the Rangers:
1. the first thing Michael Young says when asked about his record-setting hits total "It's important that it came during a win." Humble, team-oriented. Which brings me to the next point
2. No egos in the clubhouse. Nobody is trying to get on camera or get quoted
3. No crazy in the clubhouse. Milton Bradley (a streaky-good player) - gone. Sidney Ponson (nutcase) - gone. Vinny Padilla (the ultimate crazy) - gone.
3. Happyfungoodtime. Nellie and Vladi have permanent smiles, and most of the team seems very relaxed and having fun.
4. the pitching still aint great, but it's just good enough to keep them in tight games recently

Candance said...

You're not missing anything by not going to Golden Triangle, although the Macy's and Barnes and Noble are kind of awesome. Other than that-not so much unless you need clothes to wear out clubbing. You could probably totally pull off one of the tiny little spandex numbers that the many hooker clothing stores call dresses.

Did I just say clubbing? Wow, how old am I?

Anonymous said...

OK folks who were afraid BP would declare bankruptcy - now they have put up a $20 BILLION fund to clean up the mess. Undoubtedly, this will be a royal money grab (benefiting lawyers) but at least some of the affected people and environment will get some compensation. Of course Obama had nothing to do with getting this result, huh?

Anonymous said...

Nice Enjoyable picture today...

Anonymous said...

Pilots forgot to set the brakes, after using autopark. Black box pulled, then they tried to blame ground many years without a contract now???? LOL FU ARPEY~~~~!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i hope at least half the 20b goes to the small people and clean up but i doubt it does.

Anonymous said...

The 20 B will be a slush where the money goes....check out the organizations that get funds and then trace them back to familiar groups. It will be a royal scam. Of course the press won't report the liberal weenies (redundant) will pretend it isn't happening because they don't care about corruption anymore unless a Republican does it.

Clubber Lang said...

Candance...I thought you meant clubbing, as in clubbing baby sea turtles, which is fun untill the momma sea turtle latches on to your sac!

Anonymous said...

Today's pic....nice bumper!

Propagandist said...

I knew Barry like them young but I thought he at least liked them to be out of high school.

Anonymous said...

i used to dig on some luca pizza at the golden triangle mall

the backdoor intruder

Anonymous said...

Conference realignment died because the Texas football program is made up of cowards who are aware that the Longhorns program can't compete at the top levels of the SEC or the Pac-10. That's what your takeaway from the past two weeks of conference realignment really needs to be. Yep, the state that values masculine swagger more than any other in the nation features a top football program that is yella.

All hat, no cattle.


Anonymous said...

Careful 3:35
That orange blur coming at you may be Vince Young's right hook(em horns)

Anonymous said...

Hook 'Em!

Unless you can run from them.

Anonymous said...

12:10 I love those middle aged women too... 18-19

RPM said...

I rarely watch SportsCenter but I DVR SportsNation. I looove me some Michelle Beadle.