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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw that "The Lanier Law Firm" (headed by some guy that hires Miley Cyrus to sing at his Christmas parties) has filed suit on behalf of one of the guys killed in the North Texas gas line explosion last week. What took so long?
  • The more I hear about the "saving" of the Big 12, the more it sounds like Texas acted like an abusive boyfriend. Of the $10+ million that will be paid by Colorado and Nebraska for leaving the conference, only Texas, OU and Texas A&M will share it.
  • I told you that the Lakers might win the NBA Championship after all. (They won last night going away.) Me = Continuous Sports Genius. .
  • My most obscure NBA observation ever: Bill Walton whips me to no end.
  • A municipal judge in Fort Worth committed suicide. Not that you have to worry about me, but I think I understand that more than most people. Isn't life, after all, pretty dang hard? Even when things are going great?
  • Did you see the story on Fox 4 last night about the guy that Six Flags denied admission to because he had a bracelet on that looked like a diamond handcuff and a tattoo on his forearm of a topless woman? He just couldn't understand why.
  • But that was the lead story on Fox 4 last night.
  • ESPN does something cool at night: It replays the day's World Cup games but cuts out all the dead parts. It takes about 30 minutes per game.
  • I'll be on vacation during the first full week of July. Prepare to miss me.
  • Odd but understandable note for the City of Decatur in today's Update: Juneteenth Parade canceled due to lack of entries. (And Bud Kennedy has already tweeted it.)
  • I'm constantly amazed at people that seek out my advice and don't listen. One thing I try never to do is to speak without purpose. So it drives me nuts when someone wants to hear my opinion (sometimes even paying for it) and then, when I'm in the process of telling them something critically important, they interrupt me with an irrelevant fact.
  • That sounds a little harsh but when I go to someone for help, I can't wait for them to start talking.
  • Al Gore allegedly cheated with Larry David's ex-wife? All my brain can hear right now is the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme.
  • I actually assume that my average reader knows who Larry David is. I like that.
  • My worst fault is holding grudges.
  • A guy I hate:Albert Haynesworth of the Washington Redskins is holding out. He has been paid $32 million over the last 13 months.


Anonymous said...

Tipper is going to teach Algore what an "Inconvenient Truth" really is before their divorce is final!!!

Anonymous said...

Barry Green: Little Fella with a Big Ego.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't life, after all, pretty dang hard? Even when things are going great?"

What you need to do is milk cows for a couple of years. Work 16 hour days for very little return.

After that, your life will seem great. Every day. No matter what.

Or you can just be a little less of a wuss, and be thankful for all you have in life.

Danny Boy said...

Hey continuous sports genius, didn't we all get beat by a 9-yr old?

jim said...

Not a bad day all around. Not the greatest of links and comments but very good ones. The eye candy speaks for itself..


Anonymous said...

Anybody else getting tired of the grand standing by the President regarding the oil spill. Does he really think BP doesn't consider this to be the most important thing they have ever done not to mention the most costly.

Anonymous said...

Today's pic....a little overbaked ain't she?

Anonymous said...

OK, Big Boy Obama,

continue throwing your weight around and demanding and demanding and threatening BP. They'll file bankruptcy and THEN what do you have???? You'll screw us some more while continuing to remind us "I am president". Sounds like a bro done good and he wants to make sure we know it. You never heard George W. Bush reminding us he was President--he acted it and did it..

How many thousand $$$ are burned up in just fuel for AF 1 just so he can trot down the stairs??? Enough to do a big damage to the budget?

Take Pelosi off the tit--put her off the luxurious jet and on a broom where she belongs and look how the budget changes.

Anonymous said...

Watched the president talk last night. For those who missed it, here's a summary:

- words, very good words
- Obama reminds us he is president
- government will be expanded
- more words

"Did you plug the hole yet, daddy?"

Anonymous said...

"Not that you have to worry about me, but I think I understand that more than most people. Isn't life, after all, pretty dang hard? Even when things are going great?"

Now that right there is funny!!! I am not one to discount others life experiences but nothing you share on this blog would indicate you have been close to the point of putting the gun barrel in your mouth and making that final decision or not. If you ever get to that point and make it out the other side you might reconsider your flippant posting about this topic.

Anonymous said...

Loved the way Obama threw others under the bus in his speech. Apparently everyone else is doing everything wrong. And BP's gonna pay for everything? Including those folks out of work? Wonder how long before they declare bankruptcy? Who'll pay then? That's right - US again!

Anonymous said...

I can never understand the most selfish act in the world of committing suicide. Life is hard for some, but Barry, how could you say for a second that your life is hard? Your life is what you've made it. Suck it up and stick it out. If you're still alive, there is time to change what you don't like.

Anonymous said...

I dont consider O's words good. I can see right thru his lameness. Big O is such a douche bag. I am not buying his "tuff talk". He is a big weenie; he is all talk & teleprompter and no action. He is a thorn in the side of progress and liberty. He is destroying our country.

Anonymous said...

You know, the President will never be able to please the right.

First they complain -
- Pres. isn't doing enough
- Pres. isn't showing he understands the pain
- Pres. isn't visiting the sites

I especially love the irony of the Louisiana governor that has been complaining about government being too big, and now says the government needs to help La. more.

Now they complain -
well, no need to repeat what the commentors above are saying.

I usually don't respond here, but I would just like to let you guys know - there are some of us that appreciate the job the President is doing. I especially appreciate his intelligence and the way he studies and researches the issues before he makes a decision.

No need to try to change my mind - I've got my opinion, just like you guys have yours. Although yours is obviously wrong.
Kidding; I'm kidding.......... kinda

Anonymous said...

More Random Thoughts on Soccer II:
- It takes 30 minutes to show what happened during a game?
"That guy kicked the ball...then that other guy kicked it back to the first guy, and he kicked it back"...zzzzzzzzzzzzz
- I haven't kept a close watch, but it appears the range of final scores goes like this:
- Sounds like you could summarize the action from ALL the games in about 30 minutes. And that would include some spare commentator screaming "Goooooooooaaaaaaaallllll!" after every...well, you know
- Has FIFA never heard of the tiebreaker? And I don't mean a snoozy sudden death period. I mean get-it-over-with-quick, make-the-goalie-earn-his-keep college football type play
- The most interesting part of the game I (almost) watched the other day was the sound of the vuvuzelas

wordkyle said...

It makes me feel bad that anyone, teen bullying victim or municipal judge, develops a state of mind is so hopeless that they choose suicide.

As for the "life is hard" observation, it can be. These days, however, we Americans create most of our own problems. 99.9 percent of us don't have to worry about survival, so we create new worries so we can complain about how hard our life is. In 1970, only 36% of the general American public had air conditioning. Today the number is close to 100%. Yeah, life's hard.

Anonymous said...

10:55 - right on! Why is it that the right wingers always complain about government interference and inefficiency and want private enterprise to solve all our problems - except when they want it the other way around? This deep water oil leak is BP's responsibility. The government doesn't have the expertise or equipment to do anything about it. BP is very far from bankruptcy. They are currently debating whether or not to declare a 3 or 4 BILLION dollar quarterly dividend! They can and should pay for the impacts of their screw up - as the president said.

wordkyle said...

1055 - In light of your appreciation for the intelligence of Obama, please tell us as to exactly what study and research he has done, and what decisions he has made, regarding the BP oil spill. And how does his decision, if any, reflect that study and research? And if, as he says, his administration was on top of the problem from day one, does the quality of his decision reflect nearly two months of study and research? You were very definite in your post, so please support your opinion.

Anonymous said...

10:55..."I usually don't respond here, but I would just like to let you guys know - there are some of us that appreciate the job the President is doing. I especially appreciate his intelligence and the way he studies and researches the issues before he makes a decision."--What has he done specifically that you "appreciate"? Cite some examples, if you are going to make that statement back it up. What is it you like--Healthcare, troops still Afganistan and Iraq, trasparency, handling of the oil spill, the economy, record deficit spending?
Also, how do you know he researches anything before making a decision? Do you have privy to what goes on in the White House, in O's inner circle? Or do you just like the image he portays, or that we have finally came far enough as Americans to elect a person of color...did this wash away our previous sins as a country? Is that more important than having the right person for the job? Will the future of our children and grandchildren be worth the mistakes our government is making now, on our watch, for the sake of a historic, symbolistic election?
I was awed by the fact we elected O, it was important to this country, no doubts about that. It does have its importance and it did make me proud of my country that we could look past race in search of a leader. Having said that, it didn't take me long to realize that O's true agenda was not what he sold during his campaign...his ultra liberlism and radicalism was craftily downplayed in the media and wasn't explored enough by his opponents.

Your statement equates to nothing more braggadocio; people like you make me sick, still caught up in the moment of having your candidate win but blind to the fact he is doing a poor job and Americans will undoubtedly suffer for his mistakes. I cannot fathom how you are not outraged by the empty campaign promises and lies/secrecy of this administration!

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle -
You probably would not appreciate the sources on which I rely for my information. I don't know how to make a link & if I did, I wouldn't take the time to do it, because it wouldn't be one link, it would be dozens.

If this helps - I regularly read the Dallas Morning News, Newsweek, Time, and the NY Times (& the Wise County Messenger - wink!). I watch the network news, CNN, & MSNBC.

And (you're really going to dislike this one) I believe President Obama. Contrary to your opinions and your sources - he usually impresses me, not always, but usually. That's allowed you know - to believe and support your President.

I imagine you are just reeling from my opinions. It seems that your response to my first post was, to put it succintly - "Prove it. Prove your sources for your opinions."

Proving to you why I have my opinions is not something in which I feel the need to invest time. If I could do it quickly, I would. But I can't.

Just like you, my opinions come from what I read and what I hear on TV. Just like you, & everyone else on this blog, I am not an eye witness to events & thus I rely on the news media to report events.

But no need to fret about me, Wordkyle. Heck, you live in a state(actually, an entire region) where most people agree with you. I know I am a minority here, but there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Settle down 11:45.

You said -
"how do you know he researches anything before making a decision? Do you have privy to what goes on in the White House, in O's inner circle?"

my response -
And how do you know he doesn't? Are you privy to what goes on in the White House?

Anonymous said...

12:42...I never made the statement that he doesn't, you made the statement that he did. That is quite possibly the worst attempt a straw man agrument I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I think she is going for the sun drenched renegade Apache squaw look.

wordkyle said...

1236 - All I asked was for you to back up your opinions, specifically regarding the BP oil spill. Anyone who presents a strong opinion should be prepared and able to give reasons for that opinion. (I do it constantly.) Your answer was a version of Popeye's "I yam what I yam." That's your choice, of course. But it's disingenuous (or self-deceptive) of you to act as though your post proves anything other than that you choose to believe because you choose to believe.

I don't have to agree with someone to appreciate his ability to make his case. Whether you lack the time or lack the ability to clarify your point, your opinion still smacks of religious fervor rather than reason. That's not making the case.

Anonymous said...


As to the people seeking your advice with no real intent to listen, that is much like the format of this blog. You barely camoflage your actual intent in posts that are suppose to elicit dialogue about other's opinions. But just as those you so vehemently complain about, all you really want is an excuse to foist your opinion and self proclaimed superior intelligence on others that normally wouldn't want it (example: your clients).

Where I give you the edge over those seeking your advice (really wanting you to see it their way), over those, like myself, that post on this blog, is that your profession enables you get to enjoy the luxury of getting paid to waste your time.

Anonymous said...

1:03 -
You honestly maintain that I was making a leap in logic to think that you were inferring that President Obama doesn't do the research before making a decision????

But hey - if you think Obama does do the research -- well, then I guess I was all wrong.
(said sarcastically)

Anonymous said...

By the way, Wordkyle, when I re-read my 12:36 post, it seems a bit harsh towards you.

I want to correct that by saying that although I don't agree with your opinions, I always respect and appreciate the way in which you state them. You're not a name-caller. You attack the opinion, not the person. I appreciate that. It's done far too little.

Just wanted you to know that, for what it's worth to you.

Anonymous said...

Barry Green!! I am shocked at your suicide statement!! There are times in everyone's life when things seem to absolutely positively suck but there is nothing or nobody worth taking your own life! Life is precious!

I 100% agree with 10:41. That is the most selfish thing anyone could ever do to their family and friends.

Life is what you make out of it. You can choose to make the best out of a situation. Even if it seems impossible.


P.S. I more than most people know about your grudges.

Anonymous said...

Barry, what is up with your webpage? First the comments have a "hitch" in that if one wants to leave a comment one must hit the post button several times before it finally posts. Now your page indicates an erronous number of comments left under each of your posts. I think you need to have a little disussion with your "provider."

Anonymous said...

Oil spill litigation cases ...

Anonymous said...

I never knew opinions on here were taken so seriously.

My primary intent was just to state my opinion about the President, and perhaps also to remind others on this blog that people like me exist, even here in Wise County, Texas.

I wasn't expecting to write an essay or provide links providing the source of my opinions - it's not like I have one source or one link. In adddition, my opinions evolve over time.

I guess my point is that when I commented, I was just, well, commenting. I wasn't trying to make a case or change anyone's mind. Like that's possible.......

ANd yes, I agree with you - You make a case all the time. I'm not claiming to be your equal in that regard.

But ouch! Your statement:
"your opinion still smacks of religious fervor rather than reason."
Now that did sting.

Anonymous said...

1:51...There was no inference on my part, I was simply asking you to back up what you said in your original post and elaborate on his "research"...which is just really your way of defending and spinning any opinions out there about his response to the gulf spill and other issues being slow. You specifically said "the way he studies and researches the issues before he makes a decision." as if you had some personal knowledge of how he goes about his business....and this is the reason your attempt at sarcasm doesn't apply as a means to drive home your point because your point shifted from your original post and your inference about my response.

Your leap in logic should have lead down the road that any President is going to "research" the issues before he responds or makes a decision on anything. Your stating that Obama "researches" the issues insinuates that you think his predecessors didn't, and merely shows your gullibility for White House/Media propaganda and their continual bashing of the Bush administration. Do I think O researches the issues and decides how he wants to respond...of course, but that doesn't mean he is going to make the correct decision, just like past presidents when they made poor decisions. If your "research" is clouded by an agenda then your response is more about political capital than it is about what is good for the country.

Anonymous said...

Where did I put Dr. Kevorkian's number? It was here a moment ago.

My Other Brother Darryl

Barry, an old adage I have added to my list of life lessons. People don't want advice, they want validation. In short, tell me I'm right and everyone else is wrong.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

I've been to the bottom of the abyss and I am still climbing out. To those of you who don't get it, I am happy for you. There's a hackneyed old phrase, "Walk a mile in my shoes," before you judge someone that is in so much pain they felt the only solution was to take their own life.

wordkyle said...

1236/201/304 - First of all, thanks for the kind words. Second of all, the truth sometimes hurts. My "religious fervor" comment referred to your declaration of faith rather than any recitation of facts. Sorry if it stung.

I didn't realize that I was issuing such a harsh challenge. Links aren't always necessary (although sometimes they are) but a clear line of reasoning earns my respect. There aren't any rules on here, other than what our host imposes, but opinions are challenged all the time. I am of the firm belief that an argument (as in "process of reasoning," not "disagreement") is improved when it is debated, challenged and defended. The quality of its strength depends on the quality of the debate. Intense hammering and heat forge better opinions as well as better blades.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you are smarter (and I might add more honest) than the pack that follows you. I agree with you that life if full of pits. I think the better part of wisdom is learning to appreciate the fruit around the pit.

Tomorrow has a 50/50 shot at being better than today..

Anonymous said...

Barry ~
I will miss you when you go on vacation.........

Anonymous said...

10:55, Isn't it ironic that the governor of Louisiana is for less government and in time of a crisis to his own state that he has to ask big government for permission to build sand bars because of the restrictions put on him by big government? I believe he is going ahead despite the stalling tactics of big government. I know you love B Ho because he is intelligent, but can you name one thing he has done that has not failed to help the country?

Anonymous said...

3:04 those who can truly understand what the government is doing (socialism) are watching this president flush our country. What really IRKS us is that there ARE still people like you who support him while he does so. One year of his 'leadership' shows how obviously lacking he is in keeping our nation strong. The fact that you support the trashing of our country makes me and others like me not fond of people like you. How can any true American support a president (or anyone in this country for that matter) who is so very unAmerican?! Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

3:30 -
It's called a Democracy or if you want, I'll call it a "constitutional republic" if that's your wish - And those of us that disagree with you, still get to disagree with you, according to the First Amendment.

To call the President unAmerican is laughable to me. Some people might call your attitude unAmerican.

He's the American President - now how could he be "unAmerican", just by definition?

Your accusation of the President "trashing the country" and me supporting "the trashing of our country" is all just your opinion & only your opinion. It's NOT a fact.

We have the right to disagree in this country, or have you forgotten that? This isn't Iran or China or North Korea, etc.

Greater shame on you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember Matt Lauer's interview with Obama? Matt Lauer, TODAY show, said -
"This is not the time to meet with experts and advisers, this is the time to ... kick some butt."

Obama replied -
“I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.”

It's not a controversial statement to say that Obama's methodology when making a decision is to spend a lot of time hearing the experts on the issue.

And back to the original question by Matt Lauer, I believe what the President says about his decision-making style; he would be the one to know best how he makes decisions, right?

Now if you don't believe what the President says, then there's no more to talk about. You think the President is a liar; I don't.

wordkyle said...

445 - Let's take Obama's words at face value. He consulted experts.

Obama announces his plan of action 57 days after the incident. That's a very methodical and very deliberate approach.

Obama's plans are this:
- He'll make BP clean up the mess.
- He'll pressure BP to pay for damages.
- He'll assign someone to develop a Gulf restoration plan.
- He'll issue a moratorium on deepwater drilling.

Is that the best he could do after a month and a half of consulting with "top experts?" The majority of criticism I have read is that he used his speech to promote his cap-and-trade legislation. That's not a plan, that's a political agenda item.

All of my comments are regarding Obama's decision-making, not whether the federal government should do anything other than get out of the way. Given the time frame (delay?) and the proclaimed process (consulting with top experts,) the plans Obama proffered last night seem extremely shallow.

Anonymous said...

Has B Ho visited all 57 states yet?

Anonymous said...

Just remember YOU ARE THE ONE that voted for the 2 turf guys for Decatur school board and for Obammy.

I know it sounded real good at first BUT see what you got and now you will have to wait until next election to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle and other shallow thinkers - just what would you suggest a president do in this situation? Recall that our government is not the expert in deep water drilling and has no dedicated resources to clean up messes made by our free-market capitalism oil industry. Do you really propose that the government nationalize BP and apply all its resources to the spill mitigation? Come on, get real. This is a mess caused by a private industry principal and the clean-up is being directed and dictated by our government. If this proves anything it is that private industry needs more government oversight and control.

Anonymous said...

WK -
Don't you imagine the expertise, the complexities, are in the details?

When does any president give a speech about the minute details? No one but you & me would listen; well, maybe just you.

So no one's mind changed here. But you aren't writing to change my mind. You are writing to make sure I don't change anyone's mind that may be sitting on the fence, right? You're probably pretty successful in that regard.

Have a good day.

wordkyle said...

745 - The details? Look at the points Obama made in his speech. What kind of experts are needed for details to implement those ideas? Any half-way competent team of clerks, bureaucrats and accountants could do it. (In the federal government, that might compose a "panel of experts.") The decision-making process that you tout as the reason for your confidence in Obama turned out a run-of-the-mill result.

1219 - Look to my previous post for a clue on my suggestion. You could use a clue.

As for your opinion on "more government oversight" it appears from all reports that at least part of the blame for the explosion that caused the spill was due to a government agency's failure to properly follow existing rules. More government regulation does not mean better government performance.

Anonymous said...

WK - as usual you avoid some basic facts. The agency responsible for drilling oversight, Minerals Management, became a rubber stamp under the Bush admin. The IG found many cases of way too much friendly involvement. Another problem agency inherited by Obama that they are in the process of cleaning up - in this case after the horrendous accident.

wordkyle said...

922 - Nice try. The government agency failed to follow the rules it was supposed to follow -- my point. Let a government agency simply follow existing laws, regulations and rules to see if they work, before adding any new ones.

And, by the way, the New York Times (no friend of Bush) reports: "...there is no evidence that those events [MMS playing footsie with oil companies-wk] played a role in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill." Your attempt to blame Bush for the oil spill also falls short.

I have absolutely no problem with the Obama administration "cleaning up" federal agencies, if it means ridding them of waste, corruption and inefficiency. However, I have little hope of such a cleansing actually occurring.

Tim Carman said...

To 8:40 why not have so balls and put your name or is it that you really have issues will big and little? Well I can only guess what you have that is really, really small we can all guess what that is little guy.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen suicide as a selfish act. I think it is about being in so much emotional pain that a person can no longer endure it. I doubt that people would be so judgmental if someone in terrible physical pain decided to end it all.

Anonymous said...

LD's wife?? Gore?? Poor LD ...but I am seeing a very amusing story line coming our way!!

wordkyle said...

As a final stake through the heart of the "Obama makes better decisions because he listens to experts" argument, it turns out that he really doesn't. He misrepresented expert opinions to justify his moratorium on offshore drilling. Obama tapdances through the "consulting experts" process as a cover to implement his pre-determined political decisions. The experts say that his moratorium will be more damaging to the Gulf Coast than the oil spill.