Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Where did that storm come from?
  • I'm not saying a thing about this gal who was picked up on Wise County warrants in Denton County yesterday.
  • Although I have no desire to go there, I had no idea the Hard Rock Cafe had opened a new location in Dallas.
  • And that restaurant was in the news yesterday because it was selling hamburgers for 71 cents with people standing in line 90 minutes to get one. 90 minutes? Really? I wouldn't do that for a week's worth of hamburgers.
  • And I won't watch any of it, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Lakers win the last two games over the Celtics.
  • I'm still a fan of J-Lo.
  • I called my mortgage company yesterday and ran into the best phone tree directory ever. You want to know principal balance left? Last payment? How much of that was interest? How much was principal reduction? Escrow balance? I got all of that without ever having to talk to a human.
  • I watched a portion of The Sixth Sense last night. I can't remember a movie which is more fun to watch after you've seen it the first time. And I wonder how many people still have no idea what the spoiler is?
  • The "blog style" experiment of "The Spin" might be a failure.
  • I'm not sure I know where the Ivory Coast is, but that's a cool name for a country.
  • There are currently two capital murder cases pending in Wise County. I feel confident in saying that's never been the case before.
  • I tried to explain jury duty to an eight year old the other day. That's not easy. (Did I mention this already?)
  • You don't think Supreme Court justices are astute? Look at this little blurb from a dissenting opinion in 1982 referencing Congress ignoring the problem of illegal immigration.
  • Final Big 12 conference note: Since Colorado left a still existent Big 12, they may owe $6 to $8 million in a buyout.
  • My oddest "Hey, now" ever: Cell phone bosomed Paraguay girl.