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The World Cup Thing

It's odd, but I'm on board. I watched yesterday's match at the Tilted Kilt in Grapevine (note to travelers: That road construction will beat you down), and it was pretty cool. It's just odd to hear a room explode over a soccer goal.
And the HD replays that ABC/ESPN are throwing down are outstanding.
But I'd like to announce that I even I could have stopped that ball --- that goalie is a disgrace to the "Green" on the back of his jersey. Take it off, sir.


Anonymous said...

Is this Blog still around?

Anonymous said...

Skippy, did you wear your kilt?

The Devil said...

Ok, I'll admit it, I was intrigued by the Soccer so I did watch some of it. I will have to say though your experience at the Tilted Kilt was tainted by the atmosphere and undoubtedly made a boring as hell match/sport seem more entertaining. Set at home by yourself and try watching 30 minutes of it.

Anonymous said...

You all think soccer is entertaining that baseball? Please!