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They Actually Did This

The National Weather Service has actually prepared a Powerpoint presentation about tomorrow's predicted snowfall and emailed it to various government offices. As the person that forwarded it to me said, "It took longer to make the powerpoint that what the powerpoint has to offer." And the weather service also prepared a long email predicting the snow. But it had these paragraphs as well: TIMING Timing continues to be critical. A rain/snow mix will likely develop late tonight/early Tuesday morning, especially in areas west of a line from Cisco…to Stephenville…to Temple. This rain/snow mix will turn to snow relatively quickly. By Tuesday morning, snow is anticipated for most areas, with most of the precipitation occurring area wide between 10 AM and 6 PM Tuesday. FORECAST CONFIDENCE / UNCERTAINTY Low to moderate confidence in this forecast due to numerous uncertainties in the strength, timing, and available moisture with this system. FORECAST POSSIBILITIES [Comment: Here comes the most obvious observation ever.] If the system becomes slower and stronger, we would have the possibility of higher snowfall than we are currently forecasting. If the moisture does not return as anticipated, snowfall amounts would be less.