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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Do we say "twenty ten" or "two thousand and ten"?
  • Ten years ago, with the big 2000 about to hit, at least one of the major networks went with 24 hour coverage as they watched the clock strike midnight, hour by hour, around the world. It was cool.
  • In advising folks to put a gun lock on their weapon for tonight to avoid firing it in the air at midnight, Fox 4's Tim Ryan said, "Because if you're both drunk and stupid maybe you can't remember the combination . . . . " Pretty funny. His new co-host, instead of laughing, just went into anchorwoman mode and said, "It's always better to lock it up." Sheesh.
  • If you struggle at life to such a point that you consider it a burden, why do you so readily bring another life into it?
  • I feel bad for ignoring The Office for so long, but I did the same thing with Seinfeld. And, at this point, I don't think Seinfeld can hold a candle to The Office.
  • We all use a bunch of phrases like "can't hold a candle to" where we understand the meaning but have no idea why those words have that meaning.
  • I've never had a desire to be in Times Square at midnight on NYE.
  • In 1982, I bought an oversized Prince tennis racket for $90 at the urging of a buddy who said "you gotta buy high quality crap." I was in Sports Academy the other day and the highest priced Prince tennis racket, 27 years later, was $49.99.
  • Same train of thought: I bought a 31" TV in 1989 for $750.
  • I got to thinking about the last item because the guy has some great random thoughts about how much things have changed in 10 years. Good stuff.
  • When they put out a list of "The 10 Best Movies of 2009" don't you get the feeling of (1) they like to pick obscure films so as to sound high tone, and (2) you don't get out enough.
  • Heard the #1 New Year's resolution is to "spend more time with their loved ones." (WBAP @ 8:07 a.m.) Really?
  • If we could fast forward one year into the future and were to watch a montage of Celebrities Who Died in 2010, wouldn't there be some names that shock us?
  • Texas Tech's interim head coach is their defensive coordinator who has a huge belly. Never trust a fat coach.
  • Watched part of Gran Torino again last night. Worst writing and acting ever?
  • I'm still predicting Fox "won't go dark" on the Time Warner cable networks on January 1st, but the two sure are cutting it close.
  • After years of never attending New Year's Eve parties, I tend to do it every year now.