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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I now sneeze into my sleeve.
  • If the local news stations had been fully staffed on Christmas Eve, the Blizzard Of 2009 would have given rise to around-the-clock coverage like we've never seen
  • There are still abandoned cars littering 287 above Wichita Falls.
  • I walked my jogging trail during the "blizzard." Uh, snow blowing sideways can hurt you. But I'd do it again in a New York minute.
  • 40 degrees, sunny, with no wind feels 40 degrees different that 32, cloudy, with high winds.
  • Snow and ice should melt when the temperature gets above 32 but it doesn't. At least not in the shade. I don't know why.
  • Craziness: You can broadcast live video and audio from your cell phone on Ustream.
  • I want the Cowboy's Roy Williams to do the "hook 'em horns" sign every time he drops a pass.
  • There's a round bale of hay at a gas station on FM 407 with a big sign above it that says, "I Got My Obama Bale Out."
  • I recorded the monologue for Lopez Tonight (with George Lopez.) Worst. Show. Ever. (When you make Kirstie Alley fat jokes and Bill Clinton jokes in 2009, you are not familiar with the term "topical.")
  • With all the cash in the U.S. being transferred electronically, I wonder if that currency printing plant in north Fort Worth is slowing down.
  • Strangers are nicer on Christmas Eve. (I had a lady start talking to me in a Target parking lot.)
  • Verdict on Inglorious Basterds: Very good but not great. But Brad Pitt's Tennessee accent is pretty funny: "We have a word for that in English. It's called suspicious."
  • The death of four people that ended up in a pond in Southlake on Saturday is simply tragic and weird.
  • College football note: That Urban Meyer retire-unretire story over the weekend smells fishy.
  • Dallas Cowboy Keith Brooking is a great football player and looks as dumb as a box of rocks.
  • Speaking of dumb, my prediction of the Cowboys going 1-4 down the stretch is now officially wrong.
  • Snow tomorrow?
  • Channel 8 has video of a mobile home fire in Wise County from this morning?