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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's official: The new Fox 4 Good Day news girl has no personality.
  • Not so exciting news: A bunch of kids were arrested for selling marijuana and Ritalin at TCU. Sheesh. Students use Ritalin in connection with studying. Really.
  • My cheek began to twitch yesterday and is even doing so this morning. It's enough to make me want to Google it.
  • Cute Decatur baby.
  • Joe Lieberman is a drama queen and should be hated by Republicans and Democrats alike.
  • Iran test fired another missile this morning. They may be drama queens as well.
  • For the first time in Wise County history (I'm pretty sure), there is a chance for every county and local district office to be occupied by a Republican after next year's elections.
  • Heard on The Ticket: Whatever happened to those pet stores in the mall?
  • I would never watch The George Lopez Show (the guy is never, ever funny) and the commercials for the program are painful to watch. He's kind of like a guy who was born Hispanic, but has no ties to Hispanic culture, and now acts like he thinks Hispanics act. Does that make sense?
  • Finally finished Season 3 of The Wire. Verdict: Disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high.
  • Oral Roberts died yesterday, and I watched a heck a lot of the Oral Roberts Show on Sunday mornings as a kid. He had really throttled back his faith healing by then and came across as fairly normal. But his son Richard always creeped me out.
  • Proof the Miley Cyrus's little sister will turn out more screwed up than she is.
  • Time magazine announced it's Person of the Year this morning: Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke. He always comes across as not being near as smart as he thinks he is.
  • Had someone next door to my office open up a wrongly delivered Christmas gift by UPS, and then sent it over with the note, "You almost didn't get this back." I presume that means it'll be a good gift.
  • Most disturbing crime story of the season.
  • Sports: There's a report that the Big Ten may seek to add Notre Dame as a member of the conference and, if that fails, go after Big 12 member Missouri. The latter would open up a spot in the Big 12 which leads to the obvious choice of TCU. I pray that happens.