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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I cannot find my wallet. Any where. But I learned you can "freeze" your credit card to give a man a chance to find it without having to cancel the number.
  • I went back to the convenience store in Fort Worth where I last used it and asked the clerk if a black wallet had been left behind the day before. In Mafia like fashion, he immediately shook his head and said, "No." I looked at him like I thought he was lying (or apathetic) and asked if he had a "lost and found box". He replied with the same smirking, "No." He probably didn't steal it, but I get some satisfaction in believing that he did.
  • I never lose my wallet. I'll misplace it for half a day, but never lose it.
  • I saw a guy going through a divorce argue with his lawyer in the Decatur courthouse hallway yesterday. "It's a verbal contract!!!!" the lawyer yelled. "I don't have $9,000!" the client yelled back. Neither one of them were in control. Of themselves.
  • I had my client tell me, "I don't like the vibe in this place" in referring to the courthouse. Tell me about it, bruther.
  • AnObiter wrote yesterday that she stayed in bed until noon because "sometimes, you just gotta." Good for her. Most of us don't have that choice, do we?
  • Five people have filed to run for JP #3: Mandy Lynn Hays, Harold W. Lisby, David W. Montgomery, Chad Hightower and Bill Burdock. Is the economy that bad?
  • I'd think a lot more of professional athletes visiting a children's hospital if they didn't notify the press beforehand.
  • I haven't seen the Geico pothole commercial in a week or so.
  • Every review I see of George Clooney's "Up In The Air" is outstanding.
  • The Golden Globes, which are far more entertaining and more relevant that the Academy Awards, announced its nominations this morning.
  • The U.S. would be less likely to declare war if a mandatory draft was (were?) required to go along with it.
  • That being said, Congress has yet to officially declare war on Iraq, Afghanistan, or even the Taliban.
  • Cute Denton book-in photos of the week: This and This.
  • I don't know any guy that uses "aftershave."
  • I saw these girls along the half marathon path and smiled.
  • I missed yesterday that the Messenger actually had the guest list (pdf) of those attending the Wise County Republican Christmas party.
  • Guy runs over road signs in a Hummer. How absolutely dumb can you be?
  • The Tiger Woods story has appeared on the front cover of the New York Post for 16 straight days, three short of the record set by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.